Written by Paula

19 Sep 2006

Well Phill sat down beside me wwhen T went to the toilet pulled my low cleavage dressto the side and flasshed my hard niple to the rest ,he then openned my legs and shoved his fingers staight up my soaking fanny. He heard T coming back and moved away at the same time the manager John said what about the pole dance and when I said only if there was a spot light he switched it on and off I went the shoes dres and G string soon were off and my fanny was dribling as they watched me .T was exstatic and phill was playing with his cock,it wasnt big but I fancied it in me.I started with John stripped himand took his 9" first in my mouth then in me and I gushed. Next was the other guy and finnally Phill who really turned me on and we did it allways including up my arse which I never enjoyd so much before. As I finished with him he said he wanted more and I whispered "Later". I then went back with T and we fucked in the corridor outside our room. What he didnt know was what happened when he went to sleep.