Written by Paula

19 Sep 2006

Ive just read Ts version of my lap dance night he told me he'd put it on and to read it when he was in work. Well I have but here's my side.

Earlier in the evening T was talking and I went to the bar for a drink which the manager bought as he stood by me he rubbed up to me and I could feel his hard cock,I pulled away and commented on the pole in the dance room saying I had always fancied pole dancing. He said it could be aranged if I did it professionally to which I replied "Yep that and more".,he sniggered and I went back to T.

Later that night when the guests had left the manager knocked on our room door Ianswered with a towel infront of me and he said the dance floor was empty and the pole free.I turned and told T and flashed a nipple and my pussy to him.

The manager said quietly are you going to pole dance or just tease,wait and see I said. By this time Id had a lot to drink and was up for a show,so I put on my sexy blac dress and G string pulling the gusset to the side of my pussy flaps. We went to the bar and there were 3 other men there but as randy as I felt I didnt care,I just sat on the sofa opposite them letting my short dress ride up so they had a flash of my soaking wet shaven pussy. Continued.