Written by Jonny Boy

17 Nov 2005

I recently wrote about my 1st wife Pauline and her first adventure with another man. After that first time we could not stop discussing the situations we could get her into, especially as she had started working part time behind the bar at a local pub. We had some great fantasising fuck sessions and she told me that now the ice was broken she wanted as much fun as she could get but did not want to get a name for herself so it had to be with strangers or people we could really trust. She said she could not stop thinking about my mate Cliff whom we'd known for years and also was very well endowed, roughly 10 inches long. The major problem was that Cliff was in the forces and spent a lot of time abroad and his wife Di was an old school friend of Paulines and she did not want to risk her finding out. So we arranged to start going out together occassionally (whenever Cliff was home) for a drink or two and I told Cliff that should the chance present itself that Pauline would love to have a bit of fun.

One weekend when Cliff was on leave we made arrangements for a long night out which began at the local social club near to where Di's family lived, a few miles away, so the girls could have a chin wag and Cliff and I a couple of games of snooker. Before we met up I suggested to Pauline that she dressed up in a skirt and stockings and whenever she got the chance to give Cliff a flash. She said that it was a wicked idea but loved it. She asked what should she say if Diane noticed ? I told her to tell Di that she had them on for me as I was on a promise later. I could hardly keep my hands to myself when she finished getting ready, she looked really good in a low top blouse and above the knee skirt, black stockings and sussies and her highest heels.

We met up as arranged and I could not help notice Cliff's reaction to seeing Pauline all done up. His eyes were almost popping out his head. We started playing snooker and the girls sat at a nearby table, having a chat. Cliff said to me how good Pauline looked and I replied she's done it for you. After a while some of Di's family came in and she went over to them to say hello. Pauline looked over to us and called out my name to which me and Cliff turned towards her. As she was sat facing us and there was nobody that could see, she opened her legs wide enough that we could both look up her skirt. We walked over to her and Cliff said she looked fantastic and couldn't wait to see more. But to make sure Di didn't get any idea of what was going on. He said perhaps we should try to get Di a bit tipsy as she was quite a laugh when she had a few and probably be a little more likely to play along later. We all agreed to see how things went. Cliff looked at me and checked to see if any one was watching before reaching down between Paulines legs and sliding his hand up her skirt. "Christ" Pauline he said "your soaking already as he ran his hands over the outside of her panties, this could be one hell of a night."

"Hope so" she replied.

I kept an eye out as Cliff slipped one of his long fingers inside her string panties and inserted it right up her juicy hole, then took it out and put in in his mouth. Mmm he said can't wait. A few moments later Dawn started to return so Pauline closed her legs and played innocent for a while. We returned to our game and every now and then noticed that she would open up just a little bit to give us the odd flash when Di wasn't looking. Cliff whispered to me that we better make this the last game as he was having a job keeping himself together, so we finished playing and joined the girls at the table. The drinks started to flow and we suggested moving on before neither cliff nor I could drive. We decided to go to our local, where Pauline worked, as they did good bar snacks, and they (Di & He) would get a taxi later. We all agreed, said our goodbyes and walked to Cliffs car. Cliff opened the passenger door for Di to get in and Pauline and I got in the back. Cliff opened his door then said to me "I think you better drive mate the air's made me feel a bit funny". I got back out and Cliff handed me the keys, winked and got in the back with Pauline. It was already dark, so I started up and switched the lights on and adjusted the mirror so I could see in the back. Pauline had shifted into the Middle of the seat and I noticed Cliff had his hand on her thigh. I started making idle chat to Di and kept my eye on Cliff's hand which was working it's way up my wifes skirt. It didn't take long to get there and the car park was almost empty.

Pauline suggested it might be a laugh if Di & I went in first and Cliff and her joined us in a few minutes. Di laughed and agreed so we got out and entered the bar together and I bought us both drinks and we had a few giggles as we waited for P & C. The bar staff were giving me funny looks and it seemed ages, even though it was only about 10 minutes, before Pauline and Cliff came in together.

Cliff told us to knock our drinks back and he would get the next round in. He asked Di if she wanted anything to eat and she said she would go with him to have a look what they had on offer. As soon as they were away from the table, Pauline gave me a kiss and asked if she tasted diferent. I guessed what she meant and said "your dirty little tart". She replied "he's fucking massive, I've got to have it". "You will" I replied "Just be patient".

The drinks flowed until closing time and we were all a bit merry. We decided to go back to our house and that Cliff and Di could call a cab from there. Once outside Di said that she felt pissed and didn't know if she could walk. I told her it was only a few minutes away and would help her along. Cliff and Pauline walked behind us.

When we got in I helped Di to sit on the couch and went in the kitchen to put the kettle on and . Pauline and Cliff were snogging in the kitchen and when I came in said she needed the loo. Cliff got two beers out of our fridge for me and him and joined Di in the living room. She had passed out on the couch already. I sat down and Cliff said he needed the loo too and went upstairs. Di was completely out of it so I went up to see what Pauline was up to.

She wasn't in the bedroom and there were light moans coming from the bathroom. I tried to push the door open but it was obstructed so I pushed slightly harder. Cliff moved his foot so I could open the door and I could see Pauline sat on the loo with her legs open, her knickers stretched betwenen her ankles, Cliff with 3 fingers stuck right up her snatch and his monster cock deep in Paulines mouth. "You've timed it well" he said quietly I can't hold on. Pauline somehow had a good three-quarters of his dick in her mouth and was moving her haed backwards and forwards and looking me right in the eye. I closed the door and locked it behind me, just in case. I took my cock out and started wanking right in front of Paulines face. She let Cliff's cock plop out of her mouth for a second and took mine right down her throat before resuming to blow Cliff. After only a few seconds more from Paulines wet mouth action he let fly his load, she nearly chocked and he pulled it out of her come filled mouth and shot four or five more streams of spunk all over her face and in her hair. I was very close myself and seeing this sent me over the edge. I grabbed Pauline and slowly pulled her head towards my raging 6 incher. She put her spunk filled mouth over the tip and I exploded into her mouth, wow it felt good, up to that point I don't think I'd ever come so much. Cliff said he better get back downstairs and call them a taxi before Di woke up. He gve Pauline a kiss and said "next time I'm home, I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk"

"I can't wait" replied Pauline.

I'll post some more of our adventures soon!