Written by Jonnyboy

11 Jul 2006

If you've read the first two parts of my true story, you'll know that Pauline can't get enough of my mates Cliff's huge cock and I love watching her get really stuffed full and am in full agreement with her getting fucked hard as often as she likes.

After our early morning session (part 2), we all got up and had breakfast together. Di (Cliffs wife) joked with Pauline about the big lovebite on her neck, not knowing that it was Cliff that had put it there not me. I stole a glancs at Cliff and winked. After breakfast, Di said she was going shopping and asked what we had planned. We told her that we were planning on finding a beach for the day and just relax and enjoy ourselves on our mini-holiday. Cliff said he would stay at home whilst Di went shopping and clear up a bit. Di said she had to be at work 4 and would finish at about 8 or earlier if she could so that the four of us could have a good night out. We all agreed to that and told her we would be back in plenty of time to be ready. We excused ourselves and went upstairs to get ready, but not for going to the beach just yet! When we got in our bedroom I whispered to Pauline, get some lipstick on and your stockings and suspenders, you know Cliff will want you as soon as she goes through the door. Pauline smiled, kissed me and stripped off her clothes and fished out her black suspender belt and stockings and put them on then painted her lips with loads of bright cherry red lipstick. You gorgeous tart I said to her. She knew I wanted this as much as her. Di called up a few minutes later to say she was off and would see us later. We watched through the window as she drove off and within 30 seconds, Cliff was opening our door with his cock already hard and sticking out of his jeans. Come and get it Pauline he ordered as he looked at me and smiled.

I sat on the bed and began undressing as she got down on her knees and crawled across the floor to him. He was already unbuckling his belt as she climbed up his legs and engulfed his massive dick with her lips. I watched her struggling to get it more than halfway in her mouth and smothering it with her lipstick. My own cock was as hard as it had ever been watching her enjoy herself with my mate as he was by now squeezing her D cup breasts and telling her to open wide and take it deeper. She slowed her sucking pace right down and opened her mouth as far as she could and slowly let him enter her throat with a slight gag as it went down. What a sight, I was nearly shooting my load just watching her perform deep throat on him. He thrust gently in and out her mouth for a few strokes then pulled her head back. His pre-cum and her saliva was dripping down her chin and she wiped it with her hand. He then stood her up and gave her a deep kiss, I could see their tongues fighting each other and going in and out of each others mouths. She stripped Cliff of his jeans, pants and T-shirt whilst continuing to snog him and moan. Once she had him naked, she looked at me and led him to the bed. She led back and said to me I'm sopping wet, lick me Jonny. Cliff led beside her and started playing with her tits and kissing her, then he started biting her neck again where he'd already left his mark and then do the sane on her left breast, as I got down between her wide open legs and slid my hands up and down her stockings as I licked her soaking honeypot. Cliff's large hand joined my tongue and was stroking her clit as I was licking and poking with it. She soon began to moan and get out of control. I looked up to see they were kissing again and Cliff then said to her that's it you tart come all over your husbands face before I fuck you with my big cock. This must have sent her over the edge because seconds later she came with a gush, which she normally didn't do. I moved out of their way and sat back enjoying her come juices as Cliff got on his knees and put his cock back in her mouth. After a few thrusts he pulled out and asked Pauline what she wanted. She said she wanted to ride his big dick. He said he couldn't hear her and to speak louder you slut. She pronounced loadly that she wanted to ride his cock until it shot right up her. He then led on his back and ordered her to get on it vou slag. I moved to the end of the bed so that I could get a good view of him stuck right up her sloppy wet slit.

She straddled him and began to lower herself slowly onto him but he grabbed her by the waist and forced her down hard so that he went right in, in one thrust. She screamed quite loudly, then let out a big groan before starting to ride up and down his pole. I had to resist touching my cock as I knew I would blow my load at the slightest touch. What a wonderful sight it was watching her riding like a woman possessed up and down on Cliff's monster cock. This went on for some time and she was absolutely loving it, moaning and grunting and telling me how hard and depp he was inside her. Suddenly she announced she was coming and moaned the fact loadly, her cunt lips were squelching and fanny farting with each upward thrust. Cliff was bouncing her up and down and thrusting relly hard, I could see her white lovejuice bubbling out of her hole and coating Cliff's dick. Then suddenly she erupted into a massive orgasm. She began to moan and wail and shake and mouth obscenities and finally collapse onto his chest as her orgasm ripped through her. As she was still shaking he tilted her head up with his hand wrapped full of her dark curls and kissed her very hard on her cherry coloured lips.

After she came down from her high, she said don't come in me yet, we'll save that for later,I want it all over my face. She then unsaddled herself and I watched her juices running down her thighs. He got back on his knees and told her to suck him again. I climbed alongside them and started to kiss her neck and her breasts and call her my sexy whore and similar names then stuck my fingers in her cunt. All of a sudden Cliff let out a moan and I looked up as he began to unload great amounts of spunk. The first load went in her mouth and the rest just about everywhere else, her hair, her face, chin, lips nose every where! This was too much for me, I grabbed hold of my dick and aiming it at the new lovebite on her tit let fly within seconds. The first two spurts were a direct hit the rest I aimed at her neck and face.

She was a right messy tart, covered in our joint loads of come. Cliff climbed off the bed and said thanks to Pauline and told her she was the best little whore he'd ever known and she was going to get plenty more later. I agreed with that and said we'd make sure we were back from our day out just after 4 or so. That would give us both (Cliff and I at least 2 hours to fuck her senseless. She said she would have to save her energy then and we should get off to the beach a.s.a.p.

Cliff said he'd better start the cleaning up he'd promised Di, thanked me and gave P a big kiss, covered in his own come before leaving us to get ready.

Twenty minutes or so later we were in our car and off to soak up some rays. What a morning it was and the afternoon session is yet to come in Part 4.