Written by Jonnyboy

12 Jul 2006

After our after brekkie fuck session with Cliff, Pauline and I had a quick shower and got ready for the beach. She put on a short white skirt, lacy white knickers and a white blouse, no bra. We said bye to Cliff and he had a quick fondle of Paulines arse cheeks under her skirt. She said there was plenty of time later and he should not overexert himself until we got back.

We drove through the local lanes as Cliff had directed us and after half an hour or so found the local beach. It was still only about ten and it was reletively deserted. We found ourselves a quiet spot and settled down to enjoy the warm sunny day. As you can imagine, since we had left Cliff, our only topic of conversation was sex and the naughty things we had done since arriving. Pauline wanted to know how I felt and I reassured her that I was enjoying everything as much as she was. She said she doubted that and laughed. She said she loved having his big cock right up inside her and couldn't wait until later to feel it stuffed inside her again. Our conversation had me feeling horny and my hand went up her skirt and I was playing with her clit. There were only a few others around, no kids and the nearest person to us was a girl of about 20, sitting on her own about 25 yards away. Paulines white panties were soon soaking wet and I asked her what it felt like having such a big knob in her cunt. As she described the feeling I moved her panties to one side and had inserted two fingers into her dripping snatch, this soon became a third as her fanny was so stretched from being fucked by Cliffs large cock.

We noticed that the girl was glancing at us and this turned us on even more, Pauline said she was so turned on that she was about to have an orgasm. I told her to keep eye contact with the girl and I would finish her off. She opened her legs wider and looked straight at our young observer who was now looking directly at us and not just glancing. I managed to get a fourth finger up Pauline and started to make my hand movements faster and more obvious. Pauline orgasmed hard over my fingers and then even blew the girl a kiss. This was the first ever time that another female had remotely been involved in our sexy games and it surprised me that Pauline allowed us to go so far. She had never once mentioned anything about involving other women.

After changing into our swimming gear, we got up and walked directly passed the girl on our way to the seas edge. She gave us a big sexy smile as we walked passed her. We fooled around in the waves for a while and then walked passed the girl again on our way back to our towels. By now the beach was beginning to full up a bit and there were now several families set up for the day so any possibility of having more fun was very limited. I've often fantisised about what might have happened between that girl and us if the beach had been deserted, I'm sure that she enjoyed the show.

We relaxed for the rest of the day and discussed possible future sexy adventures. Pauline said that now she had had a big dick she would like to have more if I was ok with that, of course I agreed and said that when we were home we could search for more well endowed partners for her. I asked her if she would like to involve other couples and maybe other women, she said she would definizely wouldn't mind a group session or a gang bang one day as this was her biggest fantasy.

The hours flew passed and it was soon time to pack up and get back to Cliff for our next shag session. In the car I asked P to undo her blouse and leave her knickers off. The lanes back were quiet and I was having a grope and feel whilst she stroked her clit. At one stage of the journey there was a roadworks which left little space for passing and as I slowly drove passed at almost 0 mph, three workmen got a right eyefull of Pauline's breasts and her wet snatch between her spread legs. As the windows were down I more or less stopped the car right next to one worker and Pauline said to him, enjoying the view? by the time we got back to Cliff, she was as horny as fuck.

We could see there was no car in the drive which meant Di was already gone, so I let Pauline out of the car and told her to go get him whilst I parked up and got our things out of the boot. I saw Cliff let her in and leave the door open for me. It could of only been 2 minutes before I entered the house but there were already moans coming from upstairs.

I walked up to our room to find Cliff and Pauline, still clothed but already getting down to it on the bed. His jeans were undone and her skirt was being held by Cliff over her arse and she was already impaled on his hard rampant cock, what a wonderful sight. I put our things down closed the bedroom door and went down to the kitchen to get myself a beer out of the fridge. With bottle in my hand I went back up to watch and join in the fun. Pauline was now naked, Cliffs jeans were off and she was bent forward with her arse in the air and Cliff was thrusting really hard into her cunt from behind. Pauline was moaning with the pleasure that his big thick cock was giving her. Cliff asked me if I wanted to join in, I said not at the moment, she's getting what she wants and I was enjoying the show and my beer. He laughed.

After several minutes of hard doggy-style sex, Cliff took his shirt off and turned P over onto her back. He lifted her legs up over his shoulders and started pounding away at her, she was in 7th heaven, her face was scarlet red and she was sweating and moaning with every deep thrust. I related to Cliff our beach episode as he continued to thrust hard and very deep into Pauline. He started to call her all sorts of names, slut, tart, married whore, fuck bitch etc... etc...

I finished my beer and got undressed and joined them. I kissed Pauline and nibbled her ear and whispered what a fantastic dirty wife she was and how she was going to get lots mors af this. Cliff was really banging into her and she climaxed loudly, this set Cliff off and he asked her where she wanted it. Spurt it right up inside me, I want to feel you pumping me full she shouted, I want it all inside me and then Jonny can have sloppy seconds. In seconds he was pumping her full of his thick creamy spunk and she was orgasming again. He led on her for a while making sure she got the full load. As soon as he pulled out I could see their mixed lovejuices pouring out of her cunthole. There was absolutely loads of combined juices pouring out her wide open fannyhole and down her between her arse and onto the bedsheet. Now your load she said to me. I got between her thighs and lifted her legs wide and high and plunged my hard tool right in up to the hilt. Her cunt was stretched, soaking wet and dripping with my mates come and felt fantastic. In less than five minutes I was shooting into her as she was licking Cliffs dick clean. I pulled out and offered her my cock to lick as well. Over the next 2 hours between us, Cliff and I came a total of 7 times (him 4 me 3) and Pauline climaxed so much she said she couldn't sayhow many but estimated about 15-20 times. We doubled up on her, both shot a load down her throat and over her face and body. Licked her, bit her and even found a use for my empty beer bottle before cleaning up and getting ready for Di to come home. This was unfortunately the last chance we got that weekend to get together as a threesome but Cliff did manage a quicky whilst I went to the shop with Di to get some more beer the next day. I did try to get it on with Di at one stage later that night and again in the car but she said she wasn't interested and didn't want to do anything to danger our friendships. All I got was a couple of kisses so I decided not to push my luck again.

It was a fantastic long weekend, Pauline got what she came for and more and it led the way to many more swinging adventures for Pauline and I. Cliff came to visit us whenever he could get away and we had several more great sessions with him at our place. I will write some of our other naughty experiences soon.

Enjoy the read and have fun!