Written by adam

30 Nov 2012

I got divorced 14 months ago and after winning a nice sum on the lottery a few months later, decided to buy myself a nice flat.

The flat is really to large for a single person, but as I work from home, it's the right size. Anyway, I was finding it a real pain trying to keep it clean and work so I advertised for a cleaner - I had 11 people reply, 8 women and 3 men. I decided that I would interview them all and didn't have any expectations of who I wanted, I just wanted a cleaner.

I narrowed it down to 3 women, the first was 26, the second was in her early 30's and the last was around 40. I gave then a 2nd interview and asked them all to give me a reason why they wanted the job.

The first said she wanted to save for a place, the second didn't come up with a reason and the third said that she had split from her husband and needed all the money she could get as she had 2 young kids, I actually felt sorry for her so I offered the job there and then.

She cleans twice a week in the afternoon on days when her kids are looked after by her mum, and I'm out visiting clients, she lets herself in, sometimes she's just leaving as I get home.

The other month, I got home from work and she was there and I noticed that her eyes were very red, like she had been crying. I asked what was wrong over a cup of tea and she explained about her ex and how he wont pay her any money, she kept saying 'I'll do anything to get some more money'.

All I said was 'Like what?'

She looked at me and said 'anything, I'd even sell my body for my kids'

I laughed and said 'well you do have a lovely figure, you'd get quite a bit for that'

That made her laugh, but she then looked at me and said 'how much would you give me for it, if it was your's each week?'

I didn't know what to say, I picked a figure from the air 'a hundred?' I asked.

'Ok' she said and walked out the kitchen. I thought she was joking, but a minute later she walked back in the room, completely naked.

Her long black hair was draped over her shoulders covering her ample 38DD tits, her body was very good for a woman of her age. My cock began to stir.

SHe walked over to where I was sitting on the stool, knelt down and slowly undid my jeans, letting my cock spring out. SHe then pushed me back and took my cock in her mouth, slowly wanking me with her lips and tongue, getting faster and faster. After a few minutes I couldn't hold back, all I said was 'I'm cummin' but she kept wanking and sucking at my cock until I unloaded the lot into the back of her throat, which she swallowed. She kept sucking til I was dry.

After I finished, she looked up and said 'that's 100 you owe me'. She then stood up, stil holding my cock in her hand, and said 'if you want your monies worth, I'll be in the bedroom' and walked out.

I sat there for about 30 seconds, wondering what the hell just happened, and then went to the bedroom.

THere she was, laying naked and spread-eagled on my bed waiting for me.

I stripped and immediately went to work licking her wet pussy (while my cock recovered), she moaned and pulled my head into her pussy, forcing me deeper in her, my tongue pushing hard between her lips as I licked her clit. She moaned for several minutes, then came with such fury. After she had come down from the ceiling she said 'I haven't orgasmed like that for years, thanks'

My cock was now fully recovered and I wanted to 'get my monies worth' so I slide between her legs, let my cock find its target and slow fucked her. As I felt myself getting close, I said 'in or out?'

All she said was 'in is 100'. Fuck it I thought - another 100 as I felt my balls tighten and I unloaded another load of hot cum inside her.

We lay there for several minutes, before either moved or said anything.

SHe moved first then said 'if you like that we can do it again'

'But that will cost me 100?' I said with a smile.

We have come to an agreement, yes we do still fuck and yes, I do pay her, but as she comes nearly everyday and spend the day naked - I think its only fair.