Written by Adam

1 Sep 2015

This started a few years ago and is still going, I'm 48 and I split from my ex wife and brought myself a large flat on the outskirts of London, didn't want to move to far as I needed to stay close for the kids. After being in the flat for about 6 months I decided that I needed a cleaner, I couldn't run my own business and keep the flat clean and tidy (it wasn't a mess, just needed a good dust every now and then), so I decided I'd employ a cleaner.

I tried a few cleaning companies, but after a few times found that they were not as good as they claimed, a friend said she had a cleaner who she employed directly and, as she was cutting back their hours as she was at home more and more with her kids, she said they might make a good cleaner for me. She said she'd arrange a meet.

Her cleaner arrived right on time, and we agreed her hours (3 days a week, 4 hours a day) and she started a week later.

We chatted about the work I wanted, I explained that I run my own business and would be out for most of the day until late and occasionally work from home. She understood and she kept saying that she was happy to do anything I wanted her too.

Her name was Tanya, she said was 28 and from one of the Eastern European countries (Bosnia, I think), she was about 5' 10 in height, very slim build, with very pert tits, and long dark hair. Her English was extremely good.

She started on the Monday, I thought I'd work from home that day. She got there earlier than planned (nearly an hour early), I had just showered and was wearing a robe. She started to clean the kitchen and then the lounge, I thought I'd go off and dress. While dressing, she called out 'is there anything special you want me to do?' Once dressed, we chatted, she said that she couldn't find a job she liked with good pay that allowed her time to study for her degree, so she cleaned.

The days when I worked at home would go like this, me working in my office and she cleaning around the flat.

This went on for months until one day she arrived, it was obvious that she had been crying, I asked her what was wrong and she burst into tears - turns out her boyfriend had left her and she now had to find more money to pay her rent / live / etc., and she said that she might have to stop the cleaning and find another job, she wouldn't then be able to find time to study.

I said 'what about if I increased your hours and you did a bit more for me here?

'Like what?' she asked suspiciously

'Just some cooking' I said. 'Ok' she replied.

After a few weeks of her cooking me a meal later in the day, she was a very good cook, she was just about to go home and said that her landlord had put the rent up and she wondered if she could have an increase?

We have always had a friendly, joking, relationship and have occasionally flirted with each other.

I said jokingly, 'oooooo, I'll double your money if you do all the work topless'

She looked at me and said 'you are a bad man' and left.

The next day that she was due, I had to go to a meeting. She arrived earlier than planned, just as I was leaving. I put my coat on and was just about to leave, Tanya was in the kitchen and shouted out, 'can I have that increase?' I replied 'can we talk about it when I next see you?'

She shouted back 'but you said you would double my money!'

I stuck my head around the kitchen door and was just about to say 'only if you were topless.....' when I saw her standing there (back to me) topless. She turned her head and smiled. 'Well, I am' she said.

I had to leave as I was late, but couldn't get that sight out of my head.

The next day that I was working from home, it was chucking it down, the kind of rain with the big heavy rain drops.

Tanya arrived with a big grin, she took off her coat, it only covered her from the waist up, her jeans were soaking. she took started to take her jumper off, exposing her lacy bra covering her pert tits, then reaching around behind her she undid her bra and let it slip off, she then said 'well, can I have that increase?'

I laughed and said 'I was only joking, but I can't go back on what I said. So yes, I'll double your wages'

Tanya was walking around topless while cleaning the flat. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. After about an hour of her being there, the heavy rain eased but the rain continued.

I said to her 'Your jeans are still wet, do you want to dry them?' I did mean this innocently, but did hope to see her in just her undies. She looked at me and said 'you are a bad man, you just want to get my jeans off' I laughed and said 'damn, you've realised!'

Tanya then said 'how much will you pay me to clean your flat nude?'

I was still laughing and said 'another £50'

'Ok' said Tanya and she undid her jeans, let them slip to the ground and kicked them off, she then kicked off her socks, turned her back to me and slowly pushed her knickers to the floor, as she bent down I got a view of her arse - what a lovely arse. She then turned towards me and said 'do you like?'

I think she has a fantastic body, her tits are small, but very pert and her nipples were obviously erect - they were quick big. Her pussy was shaved smooth. She has very slim, long legs that finish in a lovely smooth arse. Gorgeous.

All I could say was 'YES'

Tanya continued to walk around the flat naked all day. I could hardly get any work done. Which wasn't surprising, considering she kept bending down in front of me while cleaning, giving me a good view of her naked arse and pussy. And me with a hard on all day!

She is due to finish at 5pm, so I was expecting her to get dressed and go home, but she didn't. All she said was 'would you like me to stay longer?'

'Don't you have to go?' I asked

'No', she said 'there is no one waiting for me'

She sat opposite me for a while, we chatted. Then she said 'you have been looking at me all day, why haven't you touched me?'

All I said was 'I didn't want to get in trouble and spoil things'

'But' she said leaning forward 'I could see you wanted to' touching my jeans over my still hard cock

'I'll let you touch me' she said 'for another £50'

I reached over and put my hand on her tit, it felt lovely and firm. I leant forward and kissed her on the lips, she pulled back and said laughing 'that's another £20'

I laughed and said 'what can I do for £500?'

She replied 'whatever you want'

Minutes later, my clothes were on the floor and my head was buried between her legs, my tongue pushing between her moist lips, exploring her pussy. Tanya lay back on the sofa, moaning.

After several minutes, Tanya was cummin across my face as my tongue penetrated her pussy. Her breathing was rapid and shallow. When she finished cummin, she lay there and said 'I want your cock, for free'

My cock was extremely hard still as I gently pushed between her swollen pussy lips, sliding and inch at a time into her.

I gently fucked her until I could feel myself about to cum, as I said 'I'm cummin' and started to pull out of her, she said 'no, cum in me', so I pushed back into her hard - I felt the tip of my cock push into her cervix, after a few seconds of sliding back and forth I began to pump my cum deep inside me. She screamed 'I'm cummin' as an orgasm ripped through her body.

We both collapsed after we finished and lay there, me still inside her, my cum trickling from her.

She spent the night with me and left in the morning.

Tanya kept coming back to clean my flat, naked while doing so. We would fuck occasionally, other time I'd finger fuck her while she sucked me off

Some weeks later, she came around to clean the flat and said that she had to move from her flat as her landlord didn't want children in the flat. It suddenly dawned on me what she meant. My paying for her services were adding up and I'd be paying for ages now......she was pregnant.

I didn't mind, I thought she had a fantastic body, which would only get better as her belly grew (I have a thing about pregnant women) and I wouldn't have to pay for 'her services'!

Tanya moved in, and we now have a little girl aged, 2. With another on the way.