Written by pb4u

21 Nov 2006

Dot who was 67 had been widowed for 8 years and didn't have many visitors so she always liked it when I either popped round for a cuppa or chatted over the fence in the garden.Dot still had a twinkle in her eye and a very large chest that men were drawn to as she always wore tight fighting tops.One Christmas Dot knocked at my door on a sunday before christmas asking if I could go to the pub christmas do as she hadn't been out for months and I accepted her invitation and she went back indoors with a smile on her face.The day of the pub do came round and I went to collect Dot and tarted herself up and showing plenty of her tits if you looked down her top and she smiled and asked she was ok and I smiled gave her a peck on the cheek and we walked down the alleyway.Once inside the pub the musoic was blaring out and Dot was getting kisses from all the regulars and one old man Harry even gave her a big hug,probably so he could feel her tits against his chest.After we had finished the meal and had a couple more drinks Dot said she was off,so I helped her on with her coat and we said our goodbyes and were soon inside her house drinking some wine she had bought and she began to say how much she missed Tom(her husband)especiually at night when she had to get in bed so I put my arm round her and gave her a hug and jokingly said you don't have to be alone as there are plenty of men who would enjoy going to bed with you and she looked me in the eye and leaned in to kiss me on the lips and although shocked I responded and kissed her and my hand went down to rub her tits through her blouse and she was moaning as I felt.........