Written by Brendan Campbell

1 Jul 2005

I work for a bank and one of the requirements is that we follow a personal development plan which means we must spend so many hours a year developing our skills in some way. Earlier this year, we were given the opportunity to go on a three day course which would basically give me enough ‘time in’ to complete my obligation for the year and although I wasn’t keen on going away for what would be three nights I thought it best that I got the thing over with. So, one warm Sunday afternoon, off I went to Birmingham on the train.

As was always the case with our firm, they put you up in very nice hotels and I’d gone quite early because I fancied using a few of the facilities; the gym, the pool and sauna and the like and I’d planned on a nice pampering session and a fairly early night after a long soak in the bath. All went to plan and within about 15 minutes of checking in, I was in the pool and on my fifth length. As is often the case, I was soon approached by a bloke who, to all intents and purposes is on the same sort of jaunt as me. We exchanged pleasantries and ended up in the sauna. Although it’s something I very seldom do I arranged to meet him in the bar later that night and we’d eat together. He was after all very good looking and he seemed quite nice and it had to be better than eating alone. We left the leisure suite at about 7.30 and arranged to meet in the bar at 9.00pm.

Once back in the room I ran the bath and sorted my clothes out into the wardrobe. I climbed into the bath and started my pampering. I shaved my legs and my underarms and neatened up my pubic hair, which was already short and trimmed. I had used Immac only a couple of days earlier and it was already just as I like it to be. After I’d lounged in the bath for half an hour or so, I took a quick shower to cool down a bit and, wrapping a large, warm towel around me went into the bedroom to dry of and do my hair. Once my hair was sorted out I started to think about what I was going to wear. It was a difficult one, I didn’t want to over do anything, because it was only a beer and something to eat in a hotel on a quiet Sunday, but neither did I want to look ordinary. Who does? Plus, I didn’t exactly have loads of clothes with me and those I did have weren’t my best going out stuff. I had a couple of skirts, three pairs of trousers and a few assorted tops. I went for the grey trousers and a t-shirt type top. The trousers are fairly long so I needed to wear my high shoes with them, they are also hipsters which makes it a bit awkward to wear knickers or even a thong with them so, as I’m not one for having my underwear on show, I generally don’t bother wearing anything under them at all. I spent quite a while on my make-up and when I gave myself a final look over in the mirror, I was pleased and thought I actually looked very good. Although the clothes were quire casual, the high, open toe shoes and my lack of knickers made me feel quite smart and quite in the mood for a bit of a night out. Can’t really say why, but I often feel more dressed up if I am braless, and without giving it much thought, I took my t-shirt off and removed my bra. I took one more look in the mirror and although I looked a bit more ‘braless’ than I’d hoped, I thought wow. I picked my room key up and set off for the bar.

He was already there and looking pretty fine himself. I could see that he immediately noticed that I wasn’t wearing a bra. At first I was very self-conscious and wished I had one on, but after a short while, I felt quite relaxed about the whole thing and was quite enjoying the attention. We had a couple of drinks at the bar and then organised a table. We’d finished our meal by 10.15 and we’d both had a few drinks and we weren’t really in the mood to finish the night, so we had another at the bar and avoided the issue of ending the night. At about 11.00 I said, completely without warning and completely changing the subject, “What about coming up to my room to finish the evening off?” He looked at me, smiled, leaned towards me and said, “I thought you’d never ask”.

Within 5 minutes we were at the door of my room. As I pushed the key card into the lock, I felt his hands on my hips and he squeezed slightly. I made sure he knew his advances were welcome by pushing my bum into his groin. The door was open and I turned to him and kissed him hard on the lips as I pushed the door shut. As we kissed, I could feel his hands all over my body. He had his right hand on my boob and squeezed and rolled it in his large hand, next second it was between my legs and pressing against my fanny. I took hold of his dick and rubbed it through his trousers. We continued to kiss as I guided him towards the bed and forced him onto his back. Kneeling across his legs I undid his belt and the buttons on his trousers and pulled them down enough to get at his dick. It was nice and hard. I pushed his shirt up and rubbed his stomach and kept going back to his dick which by now was rock solid. I leaned over him and took the end of his dick in my mouth and gave it a bit of a going over. I could feel it getting bigger in my mouth. After a couple of minutes I let his dick go and I knelt up straight. Leaning back slightly, I pulled my top off. Still kneeling astride his legs, I fell forward onto him and kissed his mouth passionately. As we kissed I told him what I wanted. I told him that I wanted him to give me the fucking of a lifetime and I told him that I wanted him to pump his load deep inside me. I wanted orgasm after orgasm. I then rolled off him and onto my back on the bed next to him. He leaned over me and kissed me hard as his hands wandered over my body. He squeezed my tits and fingered me through the thin material of my trousers. I couldn’t wait till he discovered I wasn’t wearing any knickers. He soon had the button of my trousers undone and was working on the zip. I could sense the increase in excitement as he pushed his fingers inside my tight trousers and onto the smooth, hairless lips of my fanny. I was soaking wet and very quickly, his fingers were inside me. I moved my hips to work his fingers deeper inside and I held his dick in my hand.

We continued to kiss and I thrust myself against his fingers as I pushed my trousers down below my hips. I pulled away from his kiss and told him that I wanted him to go down on me. He wasted no time and was soon pulling my trousers off and licking my fanny. His toung gave me my first orgasm and soon after my second. I pulled him up to my mouth and we kissed again. He lay on top of me and with no effort I felt him enter me. Immediately he was pumping into me and within a few seconds I came again. He was very powerful and it felt as though he completely filled me up. I had orgasm after orgasm and soon I could feel the speed and intensity of his thrusting increase. It became almost unbearable and I felt the exact moment that he let his load go into my space. As I felt the warmth of the cum, I could feel myself coming again and I pulled him closer to me and moved my hips and sucked on him with my fanny and I came one more time. An orgasm that seemed to last and last. We lay in each other’s arms for a while and eventually he withdrew his still fairly hard dick and lay on his side next to me, stroking my breasts. We didn’t speak, we just looked at each other.

I lay with my eyes closed and could feel myself gently falling to sleep. As I was in that time just between sleep and consciousness I felt him move and in a few seconds, he was on top of me and positioning himself between my legs, forcing them wider apart. He kissed me gently and as he did I felt him enter me again. My fanny was still feeling very sensitive from the last fucking I’d had and he felt absolutely massive inside me. He moved in and out of me slowly and firmly and very soon I was on the edge of an orgasm and I pulled him closer to me and, gripping him with my legs, I matched his trusts and gripped and released him as he pumped into me. The orgasm built up and up and soon it was at its peak and I continued to grip and release him. Soon, although he didn’t speed up, I felt the power of his thrusting increase and I could once again feel the warmth of his cum inside me. As he reduced his thrusting I increased mine and reached one more orgasm before I felt him relax in my arms and lean heavily on my naked, tired body.

After a couple of minutes, he leaned up, kissed me and smiled as he withdrew from me and rolled over on to his back on the bed next to me. I turned on to my side so I could see his dick; it was still quite hard and looked bigger than ever. I smiled at him and twisted round to sit up. We were lying on the top of the bed and I wriggled my way under the bedclothes and as I snuggled down I said, “Are you getting in or what, I need some sleep.” He was soon in next to me and he cuddled up behind me. I could feel his dick against my back and his hand was on my boob. I felt very comfortable and within a few minutes, we were both asleep.

The next morning, I was awake before him and was out of the shower and getting dressed before he stirred. He lay there watching me get dressed and when I’d finished putting my make-up on he got out of bed, dressed and came over to me and gave me a friendly kiss and a smile. He was about to speak but I put my finger over his lips and hushed him. I didn’t want him to say anything. I hugged him and kissed his cheek and he left my room.