Written by tallstevesurrey

28 Sep 2005

i've been working as a personal trainer for a few years now, and have recently been working at a private club that has a high proportion of rich, slightly older women in during the day. Most of them have personal trainers as they love the attention. One of the women i train is called Katrina, and is in her late 30's, probably 38 or 39, but with a great body, and she has been flirting with me ever since she had her first lesson.

She has been wearing tighter and tighter lycra shorts and tops, showing off her bulging breasts more and more, so i had been getting her to do lots of stretches where she leant forward giving me a glimpse of her gaping cleavage and her pussy outline was very pronounced in her thin yellow lycra shorts, with a g string under them. As we trained i told her that i had a lunch break after this session and she got more and more flirty, saying how she was feeling really flexible and her nipples were starting to poke through her white top and i couldn't help but stare, they looked so great, and i longed to suck them... she caught me and smiled and my cock started to get hard, she noticed and whispered that she was going to go to the steam room to relax for a bit, and she would like some company, how could i resist, my cock was bulging rock hard in my shorts and i went down to change into my speedos, i got to the steam room and she was in there, looking amazing in a white bikini top and thong, there was one other older womanin there and she soon left, she looked amazing, her tits straining to get out of her top and my cock was rock hard, she slid over next to me and smiled putting her hand on my bulge and purring, my hand made its way to her tits and they were so firm and her nipples were stiff as anything, she slid her hand into my speedos and started to stroke my cock while i cupped her tits and sucked her hard nipples, she said that we should go to the showers, which are in cubicles, and carry on, I grabbed my towel and hid my hard on as she slipped her top back on and we sneaked into a cubicle.

With the water on and warm we started to explore each others bodies, and i quickly tore her bikin top off and started to soap her tits while she pulled down my speedos and wanked my cock, soon she was on her knees sucking me furiously, taking my cock all the way inside her mouth and then licking the end, god i wanted to cum there and then! she turned round and i slid my hand down her thong to find a soaking wet pussy, neatly shaved and i slid a finger in as i pulled her thong off, she was panting and guided my cock into her from behind, and she felt so hot and wet, i fucked her slowly from behind as she ground herself back on my cock, and we built up speed as she put her hands against the wall in front of her, and the water cascaded over us as we fucked.

i was playing with her tits as i slid in and out faster and faster, while she was panting and moaning quietly, her movement of her wet pussy and the slapping of my balls on her pert bum cheeks soon got me really close to cumming and as i squeezed her tits she moved her pussy back on my cock and let out a moan as she tightened inside and came, squeezing my cock inside her, this pushed me over the edge and i thrust deep as my cock exploded cum inside her, throbbing with joy as she squeezed my balls, wow she was an amazing fuck, and after we soaped each other down she slipped her bikini back on and slipped out the door, kissing me on the way....I had a great afternoon reliving it as i trained more women, frequently getting a big bulge in my shorts! safe to say i always make sure i have an hour free after i am training Katrina! we have had some great steamy, hot and wet sex since.....