Written by fuzzybrummy

31 Dec 2006

When I first mentioned to my girlfriend about the idea of a threesome and seeing her with another guy, she just refused point blank. I continued to bug her and talked through scenarios when fooling around and I would get really horny and she would be dripping wet. I showed her this porno movie named ‘Looking In’ where the guy’s wife is fucked by two other guys in front of him. I have never felt her wet like this before after the movie. I thought id would just register to SH and find some guys that were interested in meeting and passed her number on. She is a very sexy Indian girl with model looks. She loves dressing up, not like a whore but sexy. We arranged a meet with a guy where we played strip poker. She was wearing white heels, denim jeans and a stripy low neck top where you could see a perfect cleavage and her white bikini top. My girlfriend was stripped down to her white bikini and me and the other guy down to our boxers. You could see that both of us had hard ons just by looking at her sexy body. Next it was my boxers to go and she teased me a little by grabbing it while she was the one taking it off for me. Then it was his boxers to go and she laid him on the bed while she took his boxers off. As it was our first ever time, we thought we needed to slow down a little. I was asking her does she want to go for it all the way as I was a little unsure. She felt horny and said yes but I said we should meet up again and take the next step on our second meet. It was an experience with all the sexual energy in the room. We are trying to arrange a second meet but seems like the guy just wants her by her self. We are also thinking if she is going to wear a sexy black fishnet dress that she has bought and how far we are going to go this time – games, videos, role-play……