Written by D Broughton

13 Oct 2006

Some years ago I’ll not say when, as it will give my age away. It goes back a fair bit but it is a memory I will never forget. It was in the period when mini-skirts were in fashion.

I had been going out with a trainee nurse for a few months. A party was being held in the nurses’ home. Most of the nurses were going to be there. I attended with my girlfriend. But unfortunately for her she was doing a night shift and so could not stay very long. After she left for her shift I went and sat in a secluded spot. After a while a nurse called Emma came over and asked if I was ok, I explained about my girl going off to do a night shift. She asked if she could join me, she was nineteen the same as my girlfriend, we both had a drink with us and so we chatted for a while. Emma was not very tall she was very petite, and was wearing one of the shortest dresses I had ever seen. When she sat down it rode right up her thigh. She obviously had been drinking. She eventually kissed me passionately I must admit Emma was hard to resist. I returned her kiss and placed my hand on her thigh slowly moving up her thigh. She did not object and to my surprise I could feel no panties, she was naked under that dress. I drew away and looked her in the eye; she asked if I was surprised. I certainly am but it is a very pleasant surprise.

Taking my hand she said come with me. We went to the lift we went up to her bedroom. (Against the rules I must admit, but I was past caring by then) Once we were in there she was all over me I had to get her to slow down a bit she was dying to feel a cock inside her. Her dress was buttoned down the front. I undid each button and slid the dress off her shoulders, even more to my amazement she had no bra on. Her tits jutted out with nice with lovely looking nipples, I had to feel her breasts they were so firm that she really had no need to wear a bra. Even better her pussy had been shaved it was lovely and smooth looking. While I was feeling her breasts she undid my belt and dropped my trousers. She put her hand around my knob. Gripping me tightly she moved her hand up and down its length. Quickly she said take everything off. She just couldn’t wait to have it inside her. She made it clear that what really got her worked up was feeling cock inside. She got me to sit on the bed with my back resting against the wall. Emma sat in front of me with her legs either side, facing me, putting her hands on my shoulders she wanted to know if I liked what I saw. I told her look down between my legs, see that cock sticking up it feels so hard you had better take care you don’t snap it off. I had never seen a body so beautiful lovely breasts jutting straight out just inches in front of me and looking down seeing that nice bulge with its slit which hopefully I would be filling pretty soon. With that she took hold of my cock and guided it into her as she came forward and came down on me. I could feel it sinking into her a really fantastic feeling. It went all the way in she moved up and down on it for a while and I had another good feel of her tits. Then she suggested we do it properly fuck me on the bed she said. Lying on the bed she drew her legs up and parted them. I was given a lovely view of her shaven pussy. She didn’t really want any preliminaries so I lay on top of her took my cock in my hand and rubbed it around her clitoris and up and down her slit. I found her hole and gently shoved my cock all the way in. She just seemed quite happy with my cock sliding in and out. She brought her legs around my arse and told me to fuck her hard. Soon she was shaking and trying to pull me closer. She really got carried away oh yes fuck me fuck me and I did for all I was worth. She came then and I could feel my load spurting out inside her.

For a while we lay side by side our arms around each other, getting our breath back. We had a bit of a wash later on and eventually returned to the party. But I have never forgotten because she had a beautiful body, and I suppose it is her firm tits I remember most of all because they were the firmest I have ever felt.