Written by Dan styall

19 Nov 2003

i was recently in a chat room on the net and soon found a woman from my local area.We arranged a meeting at her place within the hour,just enough time to get showered,.As i left i told Laura where i was going,she wished me luck and off i went. Knocking on the door i was greeted by a woman in her mid 40s wearing a green see through thigh length kimono .She had large breasts which i immediately fondled as we began to kiss. She led me upstairs to her bedroom and i stripped off and climbed onto the bed with her.Hazel told me she had a partner who was away but would be ringing up soon to listen to her being laid,i oked the idea and swooped down to her pussy which was clean shaven and licked her to an orgasm.As i stopped to catch my breath the phone rang, her partner, she told him what had happened so far so i began to finger her putting 4 fingers inside her and squeezing her breast firmly while she described what i was doing. I went down on her again as she groaned down the phone to her bloke. It wasnt long before she came again and when she stopped coming she put the phone down and said he was having a good wank. For some reason i wasnt in need of a fuck so i asked if she ejoyed herself .she said yes, and i made arrangements to meet her and her bloke next time