Written by Brazilian and scotty

24 Apr 2003

My husband and I are always looking for ways to spice up our sex life. He is 31 and absolutely gorgeous I'm 33 blonde slim and told very attractive.He really knows how to please me. We share this fantasy of taking some really sexy photos and then putting them on SwingingHeaven Ads to try and meet up with some other horny couples. Whilst staying away at a very exclusive hotel I took all my sexy undies and had a full Brazilian so I was really smoothe for him to play with. The thought of what lay ahead made me wet and I could feel my pussy pulsate with anticipation. When we got to the hotel we decided to head straight for the swimming pool and jacuzzi. With my new smooth pussy I wore the tiniest bikini and sat next to him in the jacuzzi. There was another woman in the jacuzzi; long blonde hair, slim very attractive with the most amazing breasts, I couldn't stop staring at them and wished I could feel them and suck them. Instead I started to play with my husband and found he had a huge hard on. Not one to see anything go to waste I started wanking him under the bubbles in return he started to rub my clit and whisper how he would love to have a threesome with the woman sitting next to us. That made me come and I could feel all my pussy juices running down my leg. I sat on his lap and he pulled his trunks to one side and come immediately. Feeling cheated I said I'd meet him upstairs where I hoped he'd perform alot better! I was in the shower getting ready for him when he came back and shouted to put something sexy on because he had a surprise for me. Closing my eyes he lead me to the bed and told me to lay down and spread my legs. I did as I was told and soon felt the warm sensation of a very warm soft tongue with the smell of perfume. It was the woman from the jacuzzi! She licked my clit and I could feel myself beginning to orgasm her control was fantastic and as she saw I was becoming more excited and wet she produced the 'lapin cerise'. The ears started to vibrate on my clit whilst the pink head penetrated deep inside, within minutes i came, hot sweet juices dripping form my clean shaven pussy, which she licked up. Whilst this was happening my husband took photos of the two of us but started to get horny again. In return for the surprise I posed naked alone, with the rabbitt and also with the woman. we reenacted all positions and really got into the role of model and photographer. So she and my husband didn't feel left out, I got on all fours so my husband could penetrate me deep from behind whilst I licked the most amazing pierced pussy ( in fact the only one!) I've ever seen. It was an amazing experience and hopefully if we send the photos of the experience into the ads we might re enact again.