Written by Alexandra

11 Apr 2005

Last Easter as I was leaving M&S I ran into an old school pal whom I hadn`t seen for many years.With neither of us having much time to speak,Marion passed me her business card and asked me to give her a call.

The following Friday we arranged for me to call round for a girly night in and talk about old times.After several bottles of wine the conversation got round to the numerous number of photos of women which adorned her lounge wall,many of whom were naked or in state of undress.Marion said she was a proffessional photographer specialising in women who wanted those little extra pictures for their loved ones but were wary of male photoghraphers.

Marion hinted that I too should have my picture taken for old times sake and led me upstairs to her studio.I was only expecting her to take a couple of portrait shots but when she suggested a to save wasting the film in the camera I might like to do a naked shoot.At school Marion could be very persuasive so I thought why not as she assured me that no-one else would see the outcome.As I stripped Marion continued to snap away until I was totally naked,with which she led me to a sofa and told me to lay back and adopt some provocative pose or other.For the final shot she suggested I should spread my legs and suggestively finger myself.Not happy with my pose Marion came over and gently opened my thighs before taking my shaking hand and placing it over my mound.What she did next took me by surprise as she slowly slipped not mine but her own fingers deep into my moist vagina.Stunned I offered no resistance as she slowly moved her fingers deeper into me,her thumb gently carressing my clit.Leaning over she kissed me in turn on both breasts sucking in each nipple as they hardened under her administrations.I had never been with another woman before,and this felt so different and strangely it felt fantastic.Marion must have felt me responding,I wanted more so I reached up to to cup and carress her breasts.Suddenly she broke away but only to remove her own clothes and naked rejoin me along side on the sofa.As we kissed for the first time lips on lips she took my hand to her breasts before guiding it to her hairless vagina and urged me to explore her.Laying side by side we snogged each other with passion,our breasts interlocked,her fingers buried in my sopping moist fanny,mine deep in hers mimicking her every move.I cannot remember who orgasmed first but as we both came we hugged each other tight as we shuddered with the waves of pleasure that swept over us.Marion was first to recover and suggested we move to somewhere more comfortable, namely her bedroom.Pushing me down onto her kingsize bed I watched in the mirrored ceiling as she swiftly straddled me placing her sopping wet fanny inches from my open mouth,her own hovering above my equally wet slit.Simultaneously we pulled each other close and buried our tongues deep into each other lapping at each others juices as the flowed from within.Time seemed to stand still as we watched and explored each other in the overhead mirrors experiencing orgasm after orgasm till finally exhausted we fell asleep in each others arms.

I awoke alone on Saturday morning,being naked I sheepishly went looking for my clothes in the studio where Marion dressed in a silk kimono was putting the finishing touches to my digital portfolio on her computer.As I stood beside her at the PC she put her arm around me in reassurance as the screen recalled all of last nights photoshoot.Marion had added a few more she had taken while I slept that morning.Embarrassed by what had taken place and close to tears all I wanted was to have the pictures deleted and to leave but Marion pulled me close,as she did so her robe fell open revealling her breasts once more,her hardening nipples brushing against mine.As our naked bodies touched once more and her perfume filled my nostrills,last nights pleasures flooded back.I felt my fanny dampen with the lust that filled my head,only this time I was in charge and it was me who led Marion into her bedroom.It was during this session she introduced me into the pleasures of the strap-on,with each of us in turn screwing each other senseless.Needless to say Marion produced a camera to record it all for posterity.

As I left late on Saturday with the only copy of my naughty portfolio safely in my handbag Marion said she shortly had a photoshoot in the Greek island and would love it for me to accompany her all expenses paid as her personal assistant if I got her drift.Well a week of sun,sand and extra special female sex did have its appeal.Later that evening while relaxing in the bath I made up my mind and called Marion to accept.Hopefully in two weeks time I will have more to tell.