Written by j

7 Oct 2004

i was out on my bike in broadway when i popped into the local gay area top of fish hillto see if there was any action.

there was the usual old men and just when i was about to give up a good looking guy in his 30tys pulled up in a smart car he opened the door and sterted to rub his jeans eventally i went over he smelt and looked good slim bald just my type he told me to follow him back to Stow to his place.

once therehe told me to go upstairs and have a shower and make myself at home he had to make a call.

after enjoying the shower i laid on his bed with just a towel hiding my hard on.

he came upstairs stripped naked and joined me on the bed we snogged and careesed each other for agesit wasgreat feeling his hands all over my body.

we then got into a 69 position sucking each other he had loverly big dick and i could taste pre cum, just then i heard a female voice say thats mine you basterd,i looked up to see this beautiful women in her 30tys dark long hair dressed in a bussiness suit .

i stood up and she told her bloke that she was going to punnish his boyfriend

she told me to carry on and got undressed down to her knickers and bra and started smack my ass hard saying where did you pick up this peice of ass after a while she put on this black strap on dildo and bent me over the bed she then inserted the dildo i screamed with joy and pain as she fucked while i was sucking her boyfriend this continued untill she told me to fuck her boyfriend which i did and camme on his ass. i was told to lick it off and then lick her out which both did for hours while snogging and touching each i have now been back several times and sometimes she includes her lesbian friend but thats another story.