Written by WhiteFawn

11 Jan 2006

Episode 1.

First meeting - written by WhiteFawn published onto swingers heaven website as ordered by BlackBengal.

Let me introduce myself, I`m 31, 5ft 3 of slim build. What I am about to tell is the true events of my first (of hopefully many) meetings with BlackBengal who is prepared to introduce me to the joy that is BDSM.

I, my husband and BlackBengal met in a hotel mid way between us. I was wearing a long skirt beneath which was no underwear, a request (or should I say order!) from BlackBengal. It felt surprisingly normal and I felt totally at ease with this unusual change to my normal attire! A brief formal meal was obtained which for me was still too long. I was so nervous and watched how self-assured and confident BlackBengal was his eyes flicking between me and my husband as we talked about vanilla stuff! My husband left the table at one point, BlackBengal gently turned to me and asked me to resist cuming that evening until he said so, my heart pound and missed countless beats. Oh, how I wished my nerves would subside! My body had never been so turned on I could feel what I call lightning bolts quivering though me as the meal dragged by….I just hoped all this moisture round my pussy didn’t soak though my skirt!

We moved to the hotel bedroom. My heart pounding and my nerves now on over-drive, my breathing fast and noisy! I sat on the edge of the double bed and waited for something to happen…. BlackBengal approached he could see right though me, the nerves, the uncertainty but also the eagerness for him, he knew talking would not help me I needed some mental and physical help. “Take your top off" was his first request my heart jumped but even though the nerves were there I without much problem undid my tightly fitting top and drop it beside me. The action seemed to infact calm me slightly. My breathing slowed fractionally. I’m sure the reader knows the next request and yes I without any more trouble removed my skirt and stood briefly infront on him with only my bra to protect my modesty. I felt fine, yes nerves were running though my body, but I could see and feel his control, I was safe. I was in for some fun!

After confirming my husband was still fine we then lay together for the first time on the bed. He was gentler than I could have imagined possible. His kisses were like silk. He gazed into my eyes and I saw compassion, caring and passion. My mind as he continued to kiss me relaxed more and more. I had never been that relaxed around men this was a new experience; this was the power I had yearned all my life for. How can I so soon know that I would do anything this man asks and that I will trust him with my very soul. But I digress. The kissing gradually became deeper and deeper and my already turned on body becomes alive to his every touch. My husband at a sign from BlackBengal joined us. I now had 2 sets of hands fondling me, wandering over my body. I shut my eyes and the feelings inside me, were incredible…. I forgot my promise not to cum until ordered and started rocking slightly in silent request. I pulled back slightly from BlackBengals kissing and moved down to his cock giving it the gentlest of kisses. I felt content.

BlackBengal then moved away from me and lowered himself to start giving me culintus. His tongue tormenting my already swollen clit. But then we hit a problem I have never encountered before! My husband continued to play with me, stroking my breasts, kissing me, holding me. Too much was going on! However much I tried I could not cum! I was exploding and yet I could not cum! What torture is this?! I relaxed and continued to enjoy the incredible sensations… After a period a yearning started growing inside me… I wanted BlackBengal inside my pussy, I want to feel him, get to know him! I eventually requested him to enter me, it felt strange and wrong to be asking but….

As I felt my pussy surround him, me still in the standard missionary position at this point, my body relaxed and felt full, I could feel it pulsing slight, or perhaps that was me... Soon we started moving together back and forward no rush just both gently enjoying the sensations. My husband then approached my head. I’ve never been that happy with doing blow jobs but…. With a glance from BlackBengal I opened my mouth and accepted his entire length. Gently using my tongue and mouth on him. I now had 2 cocks in me. How did it feel…. BLOODY AMAZING. I had imagined I would feel many emotions but what I felt, primarily.. was just pure happiness. Neither man came and after a period of time both withdrew. To my great disappointment!

BlackBengal then suggested that we repeat the “Split Roast” position but this time have me kneeling, as it should be. I became unsure but with a kind look from BlackBengal I was kneeling on the bed. My head lowered and arse raised. First my husband entered my already dripping pussy and then I started for the first time using my mouth on BlackBengal. Any fear I may have on blow jobs had evaporated I wanted nothing but for him to cum in my mouth. But that was not to be, after a time, with incredible restraint, he pulled back and instead had me look into his eyes as my husband continued to thrust forcing my body backwards and forwards. I gazed into his eyes and again felt so relaxed and happy. My husband was clearly saving himself and again withdrew without cuming.

One of my wishes was to try double penetration and that was to be our next adventure. With BlackBengal laying below me and my husband on top I soon found myself held between 2 men a cock in each hole. Again how you imagine something to be is rarely how it is. Unable to move much myself my body still turned on to breaking point, I could feel the two cocks moving inside me. INCREDIABLE. The three of us moved in unison to my husband’s thrusts. Gradually the thrusts became deeper and deep until… with a sigh my husband came. BlackBengal and I then continued to move together for a while after both enjoying the feeling.

Think that’s enough for one evening? Well almost it was…. I enjoy feeling the strength of men set against me, it reassures me that they can look after me. So after cuddling and relaxing for a while I trapped BlackBengal`s right arm in-between my legs and softly waited to see the reaction. Opps! ;-) He turned me on my head and proceeded to fuck me with his hand. My husband’s eyes popped out as he managed to get 4 fingers into my previously un-stretched pussy. I during this was in simple heaven under the control of a Dom I hope one day will be my Master.

Am I a natural sub…. I`ll leave it upto the reader.