Written by richy61

11 Jul 2006

It all started when I was seeing a ex, we had got back in touch through Friends re-united. We were both in relationships but had seen each other a few times purely to catch up with things, old friends and family. One night after deciding to walk round the lake at a local beauty spot things changed. As it was a warm evening, we had had a couple of drinks before setting out on our short walk. We had laughed so much while walking she said that she had almost wet her knickers, she said this happens when you have had two children. I told her not to be such a prude and pull her jeans down slip her pants to one side and piss like a man, she was distraught at the thought of it. I assumed I had blown it big style.

Far from it, we walked a little further and the urge got too much for her. She had to wee, we went deeper into the woods and she pulled her jeans down to her knees and started to crouch behind a tree, out of my site, then she called for a hand. Fucking hell she wanted me to hold her panties to one side while she wee'd, being a perfect gentleman I did as requested. Then just for devilment I let the material fall back across her pussy, she was in full flow it wet everything, my plan was fulfilled she stood up and cursed me. Then stepped from her jeans removed her pants and attempted to slap my face with her pissy pants, I grabbed her by the hand to restrain her. Suddenly we fell into each others arms and kissed like we had done years ago. I could not resist asking if we could complete the evening, to which she agreed, outdoor sex and a blow job too, all within 3 yards of the busy footpath. She walked back holding my hand and talking about the mixture of my spunk and her cunt juice running into the gusset of her jeans, it must have been obvious to people what we had done from the look of disgust on peoples faces. Unfortunately she split from her partner and moved away, but I am still on the look out for her as her family still live close, and would love the oppertunity to do it again. We can live in hope I suppose