Written by Drkl

17 May 2005

Wife and I are pretty uninhibited sexually. We have enjoyed the company of several women, however, we have never been involved with other couples, or swapping.

A couple months ago, we were vacationing in another country and decided to hit a club. Wife is a sexy woman, 5’6”, long blonde hair, very athletic but petite. This night she was wearing thong panties, stockings with a garter, high heels, and a short black skirt and matching top. I always joke with her and call this her “hooker” outfit, but it is sexy and always gets plenty of attention. Because it was early spring and still cold, she had on a long black leather coat. When we went into the club, most of the people were in their twenties, so they were all a bit younger than us. The music was good and we all were dancing, a group of girls were dancing in the middle of the club and Wife joined them. I took a break and hit the bar for some drinks and started chatting with “Hank.” Hank was twenty-five, about my size, and friendly. Hank and “Wendy,” his wife were celebrating their second anniversary. Hank pointed to Wendy who was in the group dancing with Wife. Wendy was very sexy. She wore black pumps with an ankle strap, grey stockings that disappeared into a long, full tan skirt. Her stomach was bare between the top of her skirt and her white shirt and it was flat and smooth. You could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and her dark nipples pressed against the shirt. (This is always exciting to me because Wife has such large breasts she rarely goes without a bra.) Wendy looked like she was middle-eastern; dark skin and eyes and black curly hair that she flicked over her shoulder as she danced. I started wishing she was single, because I was sure Wife and I would fuck her by night’s end if she was.

Hank and I took a seat at a booth and the girls made their way over to us. We had a great time and the four of us sat real close like we were old friends. As we continued to drink, the girls started talking about sex with each other. I joined in but noticed Hank was not engaging in the conversation. I just assumed he was shy. Little did I know what Hank had in mind, when he invited himself over to our hotel room. (Wendy would later tell us that she had talked about a former lover so much that Hank began to fantasize about watching her get fucked by another man.) It was a bit forward, but we were having fun, so we all agreed.

When we arrived at our suit, the girls made themselves comfortable on either side of the couch with me in the middle, but Hank sat on a chair by himself. We turned on a porn movie as the night wound on, and the Wendy kept scooting closer to me, and eventually her leg crossed over mine. Her hand dropped casually onto my lap and she began rubbing my cock. It was dim in the room, but I was really worried that Hank would notice. I sat up a little and Wife noticed what Wendy was doing. She put her hand on top of Wendy’s and the two of them began stroking my cock. I nervously glanced over at Hank and he was staring right at the three of us on the couch rubbing his own crotch. Wendy began undoing her blouse and Wife went over to Hank and started undoing his pants. Hank rasped, “I just want to watch him fuck my wife.” That was enough for me, I began kissing Wendy and undressing her as Wife got up and did a strip tease, stripping down to her thong, stockings and heels. I was a bit nervous about where this was all going - I am not open to bi-sexual encounters with men and I just was a bit worried Hank would want to join in, but instead he just sat and stroked his cock. Wife came over and helped me put on a condom and then leaned down and licked Wendy’s slit, which was shaved bare. I have a rather large cock and, looking over at Hank’s rather smallish penis, I knew this was going to be an experience for Wendy. I pushed the head of my cock against her pussy and was able to slide it nearly half way in without effort. Wendy arched back and wrapped her arms around the small of my back pulling me hard, all the way into her. As I began to fuck her, she started making a loud yelping sound. I had never heard this and as I looked over at Hank, it was clear that he hadn’t heard it before either. I began to give Wendy a vigorous fucking and I lasted for almost ten solid minutes of fucking, she yelled most of the time. Near the end, her pussy began clamping down so hard on my cock it almost hurt. She had clearly experienced an orgasm and hugged me close as I began to erupt inside her. I looked over and Wife was positioned on the arm of Hank’s chair, helping to wank him off, and Hank’s free hand was up in Wife’s panties stroking her pussy. As I pulled my cock out of Wendy, she collapsed on the couch, her pussy was red, stretched and dripping with her juices. Hank got up and hurried over to his wife and entered her, fucking like a madman for about thirty seconds until he pulled out and sprayed cum all over Wendy and the couch. I got Wendy a towel to clean up with and Hank pulled on his clothes. Hank looked at us as he walked out of the hotel and said “I’ll pick you up later, babe.” As I toweled off Wendy, Wife came over and placed her wet crotch on Wendy’s face. Wendy grabbed Wife’s hips and began to eat her pussy while wife moved her hips on Wendy’s face. By now I was erect again, and so I began fucking Wendy a second time. I was able to come again, and Wife came to orgasm on Wendy’s face. The three of us fucked from Friday night until Sunday morning, and Wendy even fucked the room service guy, and did anal with me while Wife licked her pussy (a first for Wife). On Sunday, when we walked Wendy out to the driveway, Hank was waiting pretty eager. I can just imaging the heavy duty fucking Hank was going to have with Wendy when they got home!