Written by Lively Liza

6 Jun 2005

I was at home feeling really fed up. The drains had blocked again and I had to take time off work. The plummer and his mate arrived and I explained what the problem was. This plummer was of Indian origin and built like the side of a house. He must have been about 6'5" and well built defined body. I had always wanted to have sex with a black guy so my imagination was running wild. I had to talk to him about everything and anything just to look at his body moving under his clothing.

I had discussed swinging with my partner on several occasions and thought about this as I watched the plummer work. anyway to cut a very long story short. I ended up rubbing the guys back as he siad all the bending over in his job tool it's toll on his back. I took this as an excuse to rub the guys back and then when I knew he was enjoying this I went further and rubbed his bum. He was breathing heavily and he picked me up and laid me across the dining room floor. he was like a frustrated maniac his hands were everywhere and he whimpered as I grabbed his very well endowed penis. at this his mate came in and was stuck on the spot in shock. He watched as the plummer hurridly pulled off my clothing and slipped out of his own. it seems he couldn't care less about his mate at the door way, he was on a mission and so was I. He pulled my legs wide open and stuck his head between my legs sucking at my lovehole. he played with my clit with his tongue and sucked at my juices. I was in heaven and there was more to come......He sat me up and offered his pmassive thick penis to my mouth. I took it gratefully and pushed it far down my throat and sucked hard and long. At this point his mate was grabbing at his own crotch. I beckoned him over and still sucking on the plummer I pilled out the mates penis and rubbed it for him. The plummer started to come and I swallowed everything he had to offer. He then turned me over in a doggy position and entered me from behind. I gave out a great big squeel of delight at the feel of that huge penis entering my juiced up love hole. This was amazing now. I had never felt so much penis inside me. I wanted it to last for ever. The mate came around and knelt before me offering me his penis. I grabbed it with my teeth and started to suck on him. He groaned so much and before too long came into my mouth. I let the cum drip down my chin and he sucked it off me whilst I groaned at the movement of the plummer. He pulled me away and I was worried that that was it. but it was only so that he could lay down and I sat on top of that huge penis. I slowly lowered myself down on top of it as I did so we both groaned. The feeling was indescibable. The mate said he heard someone come in the front door. We were too far gone to stop. Then standing at the door was my partner. He had come home to collect some work he had fogotten and the look on his face was a picture. We all froze and then my partner said in a panting voice don't stop, go on. We did go on and whilst we did my partner wanked and watched in the doorway until we were both exhausted and had come several times in several positions. We payed the plummer and his mate and asked if there was a posibility we could all meet again as my partner had srprisingly enjoyed watching me make love to a big black guy. We now meet as much as we can.