Written by Peter_B

15 Dec 2004

I had a reply to an advert I placed on a site from a 5o something woman(53 as it turns out) who lives in Norfolk who said she was visiting her sister in Essex and wondered if she could visit as she had seen my pictures and as she was divorced she wasn't getting any sex(2 years since her last fuck).She sent me a couple of pictures clothed and unclothed and my cock was rock hard when I saw the one of her legs wide open and using a vibrator on herself.I told her what time to arrive and made sure it was after she had seen her sister.She pulled up outside my driveway and waited for about 5 minutes and I watched her walk and I opened the door before she rang the bell and I kissed her on the doorstep and ushered her in and closed the door.I removed her overcoat and saw she was in a flowery summer dress and I kissed her again as she was preseed up against the front door and she opned her mouth so I could fuck it with my tongue and one of my hands ran down the front of her dress massaging her heavy breasts and her breathing was very heavy and went even heavier when I lifted her dress and found my way to the front of her knickers and I asked her how come they were drenched and she admitted she had a frig before she left her sisters thinking of my cock.I took her hand and led her upstairs and sat her on the bed and unzipped her dress and elt it fall off her body and I saw her large breasts straining to be freed and she looked a bit nervous so I told her to relax and the room was soon smelling of sex as our bodies moved together and I leaned forward to undo her bra and her tits dangled free and I took them into my hands in turn licking them sucking and biting them in turn and she pushed my face towards them saying how good it felt as her spare hand went inside her big knickers and she was frigging herself and they were getting damper and damper so I moved down and pulled her legs wide apart and buried my face in her wet pussy and rubed my nose over her clit and took it in my mouth and felt her squeal and she shot her woman juices over my face and I wanted more so I tongued her into ecstasy and she kept shouting for cock so I stood up and dropped my trousers toreveal my erection and she sat up and took it into her hnad and kissed the shaft up and down and even took my balls into her mouth and then flciked my helemt and tasted precum from the slit and told me to fuck her from behind .She got on all fours and I soon was fucking this older woman like there was no tomorrow and she was screaming out so loud I wondered if Doreen the neighbour could hear but to tell you the truth I didn't care.I punped my cock in and out and spanked her arse several times and it was soon bright red as I felt my spunk starting to trvel upwards and soon it exploded into her pussy and she kept me trapped int here until my balls were fully drained. When I removed my cock I slipped it into her mouth and licked and sucked both our juices off of it and looked so contented as she did so and I was loving it myself(who wouldn't lol).Once she had finished clkeaning it I took her into the bathroom and ran a bath and we were soon sat facing each other and I had my hand between her legs rubbing her pussy and she managed to climb on top and rode me and I thought my cock might break in two as water splashed everywhere and I shot my second wad inside her and she stood up and stuck 3 fingers inside and licked them and told me she loved the tastse of spunk and wanted more/We dried off and went downstairs for something to eat and had a few drinks and Sadie said she had better leave so I told her to stay the night and she didn't protest much and at about 12.00 we went to bed and as she lay there sucking my cock I wished she lived closer and I asked her if she fancied meeting once a fortnight and she just nodded as she sucked me off and I shot my cum into her hungry mouth and watched as sone trickled down her mouth onto her tits.We woke up at about 7.00 and I put Sadies legs over my shoulders and started to fuck her as hard as ever and she was egging me on asking for it harder and faster and her tits were wobbling as she lay there in a sticky sweat from the nights events and she played with her breasts and tugged on her nipples and said she wished she was still able to have kids as she would love to be pregnant again so he tits were full of milk and I lost it and again shot into this wonderful woman.She eventually left at 9.30,but still visited me as planned for 18 months but eneded up moving to Spain with her sister.I still receive letters/pics from her and hope to go visit her soon and she says there will always be a bed waiting for me.She even now still thanks me for making her a woman once again and I told her that it was my pleasure.