Written by Lucky Guy

18 Jul 2011

Not Wordsworth or Keats, but here goes.


Yes, knowing that you are in the bath,

Knowing that you are pampering.

Knowing that you are changing now.

Knowing your clothes are for him.

Knowing you are going out soon.

Knowing that you smell so good.

Knowing how soft your skin feels.

Knowing that you want his cock.

Knowing that you are in the car.

Knowing the time has come.

knowing he is waiting for you.

Knowing the clock moves on.

Knowing that you must be there.

Knowing he is with you.

Knowing he is kissing you now.

Knowing he is hard for you.

Knowing your sweet lips,

will be sucking that hard cock.

Knowing your clothes are off.

Knowing your stockings stay on.

Knowing your cunt is wet.

Knowing your naked body,

is ready for his cock.

Knowing you will fuck together,

Knowing you will take his spunk.

Knowing you will come.

Knowing you love his body,

Knowing you will stay a while.

Knowing you will do it again.

Knowing you will return.

Knowing I will be there,

to love you too.

Knowing I will taste.

the reminder of your meeting.

Knowing I will come soon.

Knowing the story you will recall.

Knowing the phone will ring again.

Knowing you will say yes.

Knowing it will happen again.

Knowing I want it to.