Written by Len

21 Jan 2005

My wife and I have have been swinging for about 4 years. At one of our first parties we met a couple called Brian and Polly who some people on this site will know as they have met people through here. We quickly became good friends with them and through them, with two other couples who they were friendly with.

Although we all have sex with others, the eight of us made an agreement a while ago that we were happy to have unprotected sex between us since we knew everyone was clean and healthy, but safe sex was to be practiced with anyone else. We have kept to that agreement and as far as I know so have the others.

Of the group Polly is without doubt the biggest slut. She is red haired, very pretty, lovely body with small but pert tits. I've seen her still begging for more after five hours of sex and according to Brian she was once fucked 16 times in one day by him and 4 other guys.

Polly's birthday is on the 7th of January and to celebrate she decided to have an intimate evening with our group. However we all decided that since it was her birthday she would be treated to being pleasured by the other seven of us. When we had all arrived at Brian and Polly's house the action began with Sylvia, my wife and the two other women, Linda and Jenny seductively stripping Polly with quite a bit of groping, licking and kissing in the process. When she was completely naked they laid her down on the dining room table and started rubbing and massaging her. By this time the other guys and I were naked, fully erect and loving the show. The girls started getting more adventurous and before long Jenny was between Polly's legs licking her out with Sylvia and Linda sucking a tit each. Paul, Jenny's husband moved over and started kissing her on the lips. After a bit of a kiss he moved his cock to her mouth and she sucked it in. Brian, Darren and I had moved into the action by this time, but it was difficult to do anything because there wasn't a lot of room to get at Polly, so we started pleasuring the other girls.

After Polly came Jenny moved away and Darren put his cock into her pussy. He didn't last long before cumming followed quickly by Paul shooting a load into her mouth, which she swallowed as she always does. Darren pulled out of her and Brian took his place. By this time Sylvia had got up on the table and was on all fours with her pussy in Polly's mouth as Brian fucked her furiously. He managed to last quite a while which was very frustrating for me as I was dying for a fuck. Once he came he made room for me and I was up her in a flash. I'm not boasting but my cock is quite a bit larger than the other guys, a bit over eight inches and about the thickness of a can of red bull. Polly moaned as I entered her. Although she loves Brian dearly she makes no secret of the fact that she prefers cocks bigger than his 6 and a half inches. I fucked her hard for about 5 minutes until I couldn't hold out any longer and shot a large load deep inside her.

We fucked, sucked, licked and kissed Polly for well over and hour until things degenerated into a group fuck. By about 11 we were all pretty exhausted and were lying around hugging and caressing each other. Jenny and Paul and Darren and Linda left at about 12.00 but Sylvia and I were staying the night as we live quite a bit away. Sylvia was knackered and went to bed but Polly wanted more. Brian and I fucked her for about another hour until he said he had to go to bed. I don't know where I found the energy, probably because I think Polly is so horny, but I managed to fuck her once more before we fell asleep on the couch.

We woke up a while later and went to bed with our respective spouses. Sylvia and I were woken at about 10.00 the next morning by Polly climbing into bed beside us. She didn't want to fuck at first because her pussy was still a bit sore but after being licked to a couple of orgasms she let me inside her. As we fucked Brian came in and joined us by giving Sylvia a good seeing too. When we finally got up at about 1.00 even Polly couldn't take any more which must have been a first.

It was an incredible night and morning and I can't wait till the next birthday party!