Written by steve

29 Mar 2005

Having read all these stories I feel it was time to relate a very true story!!

I was a night porter in a hotel near Gatwick and saw many many sights to please all. One of the perks of being on nights was the chance to use the hotel pool and sauna etc, so we would often rush our work and then go skinny dipping.

I was responsible for sorting out taxis and for many months I had spoke to one taxi controller who sounded very sexy. Many times I invited sue to pop in for a coffee when her shift finished but it was always flirting talk. One night however Sue took up my invite. I had told her it was very quiet and I was bored so would be having a dip later if she wantd to join me she could.

At one in the morning a woman of about 40 walked into reception wearing jeans and tee shirt and a very nice cleavage on display. I went to book her in when she told me. "Hi I am sue from ****** taxis do you want to show me round?" Well after some small talk I thought what the heck so I secured the building and took her round. I started in the kitchens and followed on through the hotel until we got to the bridal suite. I then asked her if she wanted to try the bed and much to my surprise she sat on it and patted the side inviting me to join her. I built up courage and as we sat I started to fondle her leg and then we started kissing and I felt her boobs over her t shirt. I could see her nipples harden and as i went to the base of the shirt to go inside she suddenly stood up and said "shame we are not married what else is ther for me to see?"

Boy I was gutted so straighten my self up and tried to hide my now throbbin robin!

We went back down stairs where I then got the keys to the health centre and showed her round there until we got to the pool. I told her that it was my time for a dip and asked if she wanted to join me. She said she had no costume unless I could lend her one. I thought stuff it. Started stripping and watched her face as she just looked until I got to my trousers when she said. " Your serious aren't you" and off comming her shoes and socks and away I went into the pool starkers. As I surfaced I saw a lovley shaped woman naked with a nice hairy bush heading to the pool.

It was not very deep or big for that matter but I went to one end she to the other until eventually she rested by the wall in the middle. I swam up to her and stood by her. Our lips kissed agin and with no clothes to stop me now I gently raised her chest abve the water and I licked and sucked those lovley boobs then returning to her mouth I moved between her legs and moved her crutch closer to mine until we touched so close there was only one place left to go and I gently entered her. After moving inside her for ages and either kissing her lips or nipples I moved her to the steps still inside. Laying her back i edged her out of the pool until I could go down on her but with in seconds she screamed for me to come in her so back in her I went and as we came we kissed so hard. we then sat by the pool for ages until she gave me head then asked me to take her from behind .

We met a few times after but these were no where as special as this aqua liason.