Written by 281504

19 Sep 2005

Hi again

Ok we’ll get straight into Part 2 of the story.

We got to Dan & Marie’s house and went around the back of the house as instructed. We went through the back door, which we were told would be left unlocked for us.

Bearing in mind that this was our 2nd visit and we were now all more comfortable with each other. It was a warm summer evening and Paul was wearing shorts and T-shirt, and I was wearing a small flowery vest top and a shortish skirt. When we walked into the lounge Dan & Marie had already started without us and were engaged in a slow ‘69’. Marie was gently running her tongue up and down Dan’s shaft while he was slowly pushing his tongue in and out of her pussy, and rubbing her clit with his finger. It was fantastic to walk in on such a horny scene.

Marie stopped and looked up at us and said “Why don’t you two take your clothes off, so you can sit there and play with each other while you watch us. You don’t have to take part.

Paul said “I’m happy to if you are Babe”

I thought, why not. So we slipped our clothes off and threw them onto the armchair.

While we were undressing Dan & Marie continued their ‘69’. When we sat down Marie looked up at me and said “Kelly, you’ve got fantastic boobs!” Slightly shocked by the comment I said “Thank you Marie” She then got up from the floor and came up to me and said “Do you mind if I touch them?” I said “Go ahead.” wondering where this was heading. She cupped my boobs in her hands and said that they were fantastic. She then reached forward, took a nipple in her mouth and sucked and teased it with her tongue for a few seconds. She then pulled back and said “Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“That’s ok, I don’t mind, it was kind of nice.” I said.

Paul then piped up and said “Why don’t you two kiss?” an idea which Dan enthusiastically agreed with.

I looked at Marie and nodded. So we both got on the floor and started to French kiss. We really got into it, and spent about 5 more minutes locked in an embrace. Paul then suggested that we play with each other’s pussies, and maybe even get a ‘69’ going. Marie grinned and whispered something in my ear. I wasn’t surprised when I heard what she was suggesting. I’d already told her on the phone that after our last visit I had got Paul to swallow his cum on the way home. I also mentioned that he’d had his special treat.

I smiled and whispered, “They won’t go for it, I’m telling you.” she laughed

“Let’s ask and see what they say” she replied

“Ok, I’m game if you are” I whispered back

“Ok Boys” Marie announced

“We will do whatever you want us to do, providing you do the same to each other in return”

Dan and Paul looked horrified.

“Come on boys, we know you aren’t gay, but if you expect us to do a lesbian show for you, it’s only fair that you return the favour, and put a show on for us, isn’t it?”

You could see that they boys really wanted to see us in action, but were very uncomfortable with what we were asking them to do. They just sat there looking at each other and then back at us. Then we played the ace up our sleeves and started kissing again and fondling each other’s boobs. Marie even grabbed my hand and pushed one of my fingers into her wet pussy.

When the boys saw this they both looked at each other again and said ok.

“Ok, now boys we don’t want to see you kissing because that’s quite repulsive if you ask me” Marie said

“We’ll sit here on this side of the room and play with each others pussies, while you sit on that side and play with each other’s cocks” I said

To be honest I didn’t think they’d go through with it, but when Marie and me started kissing again they soon started.

Paul and Dan sat next to each other and started slowly wanking each other’s cocks. We followed suit and started to frig each other’s clits. Marie and me were getting quite wet by now, and the sight of what we were doing must have been helping the boys. They were stroking each other faster now and both of their cocks were rock hard.

“You do know what the deal will be if you want us to do a ‘69’, don’t you boys?” Marie asked.

“Come on Marie, you don’t expect us to suck each other off do you?” Dan said

“If you expect us to go down on each other you two can do the same for us” I replied

“It doesn’t mean you’re gay, but we know both of you don’t mind the taste, and you’ll get turned on watching us just as much as we will watching you” Marie insisted.

“Yeah but it’ll look gay, when you are watching us” Paul said

“Paul, do you fancy Dan?” Marie asked

“No, I’m not into men at all.”

“Dan, do you fancy Paul?” she asked again

“No, I don’t fancy men either.” Dan replied

“Ok, then. In our eyes you are just pleasuring each other, in the same way Kelly and me will be pleasuring each other. No one outside of this room will ever know what has happened either. Will they Kelly?” said Marie

“I won’t be telling anyone, and I’m sure you boys won’t say anything. I wouldn’t even tell anyone about the stuff that went on during our last visit, it’s all too private” I said trying to re-assure the boys. I had to admit it would be a bit horny seeing these two men pleasuring each other like only a man knows how.

“I really want to see this Paul, what do you think?” Dan asked

“We’ve come this far I suppose mate, and it’s always been a fantasy of mine to see Kelly’s tongue buried in another woman’s pussy.”

I was shocked to hear this from Paul. I never thought he’d go for this but he called my bluff.

“Ok girls, you’re on. We’ll get into position and you do the same, then we’ll all start at the same time.” Paul said

So Marie and me got into the ‘69’ position and then the boys followed suit.

“No, you two can start first, because we don’t want you backing out. If you do it we definitely will too. It’s up to you.” said Marie

With that comment Dan opened his mouth and took Paul between his lips. Paul gasped with pleasure and instantly returned the favour. I couldn’t believe they had done it, but now they had I would have to keep our side of the bargain. Not that I had much choice in the matter, Marie already had her face buried in my cunt. Besides, I’d been having a secret yearning to do this to another woman for a long time. I pushed my face between Marie’s legs and smelled her sexy juices. I then pushed my tongue out and started to lick her pussy lips. It was hard to concentrate with what she was doing to me. I traced my tongue upwards until I found her clit. She started to moan into my pussy with every flick of my tongue. What I was doing felt divine. I had to ask myself why I hadn’t tried it before now.

I glanced across at Paul & Dan, they were really getting into it, it made me hornier just watching it. Marie must have felt the same because she doubled her efforts on me. I could see them both looking at us from the corner of their eyes too. I now started tongue fucking Marie’s hole, which caused her legs to tremble and her to scream out how much she was enjoying my efforts.

Paul & Dan were really into pleasuring each other now. It fascinated me watching Paul laying there with a cock in his mouth. Even though it wasn’t an everyday thing you’d expect to see, it looked ok. Marie had stopped licking me now and climbed off me. The boys hadn’t even noticed. She whispered something in my ear, I nodded and we both got into position. We could see that they were both getting close to cumming, and as they got nearer we both pushed a finger up our partners assholes and massaged their prostates. The effect was instantaneous, they both shot their cum into each others mouths. Neither of them stopped, and they both swallowed the cum they had received. I couldn’t believe I had witnessed Paul doing this. I was so horny.

When they had recovered, they both sat up and Paul said “That’s not fair, you cheated. I’m glad you did though, your finger really pushed me over the edge”

“Me too.” Dan agreed

“Now you’ve recovered we’ll finish the show for you” Marie said

With that we got back into our ‘69’ and tongued and fingered each other for all we were worth for the next half hour. We both came for the last time together. I must have had about 3 huge orgasms before I lost count. I guess a woman really does know what another woman likes. And I suppose the same goes for a man.

Dan got up and made us all a drink, while Marie went upstairs. When she returned she called me into the kitchen. She was wearing a strap-on and told me to back her up on whatever she was about to say. When she walked into the lounge wearing the strap-on Dan immediately put his head in his hands. It was obvious that she had fucked him with it at one time or another.

“Come on Dan, you know you love it.” She said

“Marie, not now” he begged.

“Oh no my dear, I’ve got another proposition for you both” Both of the boys looked shocked again

“You’ve already had this inside you, so I thought it was time for the real thing. If you let Paul fuck you in the ass with his cock, I’ll let you have my ass anytime you like. Kelly has agreed the same deal if Paul lets you fuck his ass afterwards. You will also get to see Kelly and I fuck each other with this strap-on. What do you think? And before you say it, we won’t think you are gay, this’ll just be a turn on for both of us”

There was a pause for a moment and then……

“We’ve come this far Dan, I’d love to be allowed to fuck Kelly’s ass anytime I like, I will if you will mate.” Paul’s response shocked me again.

This wasn’t my idea, and it was as new to me, as it was to the boys. Marie had announced all of this without even telling me her intentions. I guess she thought I’d be game for anything. I wasn’t sure about having my ass available to Paul anytime he liked, but it would be interesting to see him and Dan fucking. Also I had to remember that when Paul had fucked my ass I had such a huge orgasm it nearly blew my head off. I was also quite interested in fucking Marie with that strap-on.

“Ok, as long as you girls don’t go back on your word to have your asses at our disposal anytime we like. Also you’ve definitely got to promise not to tell anyone about this” Dan said

“We won’t.” we both said at the same time.

“Ok Marie, get the Vaseline and the condoms”

Marie got the items and passed a condom to me. I put it on Paul while she lubed Dan’s ass with the Vaseline.

I then directed Paul’s cock into Dan’s asshole. He slowly pushed inside until he was all the way in, which made Dan moan with pleasure. Once he was sure Dan was comfortable he started thrusting in and out. Then Dan turned to us and said “Ok girls. Time to get some strap-on fucking going then”

Marie was already wearing the strap-on so I got on all fours like Dan was already and she pushed inside me with that huge cock.

Marie matched Paul’s stroke perfectly. I just looked across at Paul, it was quite horny seeing him fucking like that. Dan was moaning like mad, his cock was now dripping pre-cum. Marie said that Paul must have been hitting Dan’s prostate, and if he kept doing it like that, there was every chance that Dan would cum without even touching his cock.

“How do you know that Marie?” I asked.

“Because it’s happened with the strap-on before” she replied

That strap-on did feel good thrusting in and out of me so I could well imagine the effect it would have had on Dan.

Paul speeded up, and I could see from his face that he wasn’t far from cumming himself. Shortly after, Marie’s prediction came true, as Dan moaned loudly and shot is hot white cum all over the floor. Just then Paul shouted and came inside Dan, in the condom.

He pulled out and removed the condom and sat back against the settee, while Dan collapsed on the floor.

“No offence Honey, but that was better than the strap-on” Dan said

“I’m glad my Darling, you’ll get to return the favour for Paul soon.” she replied

Paul looked shocked at that comment. I think he’d forgotten the deal included him being fucked too. He looked over at me, just in time to see me cumming loudly as well.

“Just be gentle mate, the largest thing that’s been up there was Kelly’s finger just now don’t forget.” He said to Dan

“Don’t worry mate I will, but I’ve a feeling she’ll be doing you with a strap-on too on a regular basis in future.” Dan replied

“Maybe” Paul laughed.

Paul got in position on all fours, and Marie put the condom on Dan’s cock and got into a similar position to Paul. I put the on the strap-on and then put the Vaseline into Paul’s ass.

Dan very slowly pushed the head of his cock into Paul’s virgin asshole. He slowly increased the pressure until the head popped inside Paul’s ass. During this Paul just took deep breaths and pushed back gently against Dan’s pressure.

Being that Marie had been giving most of the orders so far this evening I thought I’d surprise her by pushing the strap-on into her ass instead of her pussy.

Once the head of Dan’s cock was inside Paul’s ass Dan decided to give Paul a taste of what it was really like to be fucked like Marie fucked him. So he slammed his cock into Paul right up to the hilt. Paul nearly shot his load immediately. He gasped and told Dan to keep going, faster and faster.

Seeing this I decided to follow suit and slammed into Marie’s ass. She was shocked that I was in her ass in the first place, but this move just increased the shock. She was frantically rubbing her clit in the same way I was when she fucked me. All the while her eyes were glued to the scene of her boyfriend fucking my boyfriends ass.

We all kept going at this fast pace until like Dan, Paul shot his load on the carpet. He hadn’t even touched his cock. It was so horny to see it.

I increased my pace in Marie’s ass until she screamed in a huge orgasm. I pulled out of Marie’s ass and she collapsed on the rug. I then removed the strap-on and wriggled underneath Paul while he was still on all fours. I then took his cock in my mouth while Dan continued fucking him. His cock had started to go limp, but now it was in my mouth it began to harden again. At the pace Dan was fucking Paul I knew he was close, so I doubled my efforts to try and make Paul cum again, but this time in my mouth.

Paul’s legs started shaking again and I knew he was close. He came in my mouth just as Dan shouted he was cumming in Paul’s ass. I kept Paul’s cum in my mouth and then got into position under Paul who was still on all fours. When Dan pulled out of his ass, Paul collapsed on top of me. I wriggled about a bit until I worked his still hard cock into my pussy. The strap-on was good, but it’s no substitute for having your lovers cock inside you. I then proceeded to French kiss Paul. Dan and Marie saw me pass Paul’s cum back to him, and watched as he swallowed it. I now had my boyfriends cock inside my pussy, which not so long ago had been in another man’s ass. Quite horny I thought.

“That was good babe, I think we will have to buy a strap-on for the bedroom at home after all.” Paul said

“If you want to honey” I replied

“Of course, I’m sure Dan will oblige you again any time you like” Marie said

“I thought this was a one off?” Paul responded

“Only if you want it to be baby, I’m quite happy for all of us to do this again if you are.” I replied

“Let’s just see how we feel next time” was Paul’s hasty reply

If you want to find out what happened on the following visit look for Possible alternative to Dogging Pt 3

Bye for Now

Luv Kelly x x x