Written by Harry_22

30 Apr 2012

We left the club at about 2am and it was about an hour drive back to my place. We had already lined up my 'treat', but it was only if I had been a good boy for her.

Emm had had a hard week with work and had said outright that she wanted to just chill in the Jacuzzi, tonight was all about me having some fun. The club was really quiet, the usual parade of single guys going from room to room gene harass the couples, of which there seemed even less than usual! I was getting my fun pretty much form molesting Emm all night, following her up the stairs and fingering her pussy. She remained adamant that she was not after any action, but there was no denying that she was horny. Up in the attic room we saw a girl in the swing, but we could hardly make her out from all the guys standing around her (and more standing at the ready to move in!).

Emm tugged on my cock, teasing it to stand erect, but she soon got tired of men trying to touch her without invite.

“Go there,” she said and pointed back to large cross on the wall. I leant against it and put my hands up to hold the manicles. Emm dropped to her knees and sucked me, her hands rising up and pulling on my nipples. I shut my eyes and groaned, for the benefit of the growing audience more than anything. When I looked, there was about 10 guys watching and I grinned at the couple who had their cocks out and were wanking.

“Let's go,” I said to Emm, deliberately looking at a nice hard one as she stood up and we went back downstairs.

Although very open minded, the one thing that Emm had never been into was anonymous cock, but as this was my night, I led her down stairs and we went to the Gloryhole room. About 6 cubicles all with linking holes, there was just enough room for the both of us inside. In the privacy of the room, I kissed Emm and played with her tits until with a slight 'ahem' she gestured with her eyes to the hole where a cock was poking through. I looked her in the eye as I reached out and took it in hand and slowly wanked it.

“Naughty Boy!” she whispered as she reached to her little bag/pouch. Normally reserved for condoms, she pulled out her leather collar and reached up to put it on me. “Hmmmm,” she whispered, “nice and tight!” as she hook her finger into the ring at the front and pulled me down. Dropping to me knees, I took him in my mouth and sucked away as Emm played with my nipples.

I much enjoyed sucking the cocks that came through the hole, but disappointed that only 3 of the 4 that came through let me have their loads. I felt so dirty having three different guys come in my mouth and Emm's whispering confirmed to me what a slut I was being! She told me that she loved how hard sucking cock made me and pulled me to standing again so I could put my cock through the hole as well. She leant on the wall behind me and used her foot to push me hard against the cool wall and I imagined my full mast cock being put deep into some one mouth on the other side. She pulled me back slightly so she could reach round and pull on my nipples again and I was very ready to come!

To my dismay. The occupant next door left before I could finish. I told Emm, but she insisted that I stay there. Unfortunately no one else came in, but that was not very surprising really, most people want to sucked in there I think rather than do the sucking!

We kissed again and she called me a whore as she could taste the come in my mouth and on my lips.

I got a couple of looks to say the least as we walked from the room and a couple of minutes later we were sat in the Jacuzzi talking quietly as Emm told me she was a Gloryhole convert now.

There was nothing else happening at the club now so Emm got out, leant back down to hook onto my collar once more with her finger and I followed to the showers and then to the changing rooms.

Thankfully it was empty and Emm took my boxers off me and instead tossed me some knickers to put on. I felt self conscious, but part of me wished that I was discovered, so much so that I took my time as I rolled on the stocking that she passed me too. She snapped the tops into my suspender belt and then pulled on my jeans and jumper – looking totally normal to the outside world, except of course for the black leather collar!

“So have I been naughty enough?” I asked as we pulled away in the car.

“Yes,” she answered as she leant over and pinched on my nipple, “So let's take a littler detour before we get to yours...”

And so we ended up parked up in the hills as I peeled of my jeans and jumper again...