Written by Neil

28 Jan 2005

Since my wife Pat had her first gang bang in Mallorca, as posted on the site previously, we have been very reserved in having sex. I was hoping that having broken the ice and having 5 young cocks in her cunt things would have improved, but unfortunately no.

Pat is 54 and I'm 57 and sex is very infrequent. However maybe a change is on the way. This morning we were having a lie in as I had the day off from work. It was 8.30 and we could hear the neighbours leave taking the kids to school.

I began stroking Pats leg and ran my hand up to her cunt, I leant over and began sucking her nipples. The nipples began to get hard and she opened her legs to allow my finger to rub up and down her slit. She began to get wet and I slipped my finger between her lips seeking out the clitty. Pat was beginning to moan now and she began to push her cunt onto my finger. I then moved my hand so that my 2 fingers were probing her hole whilst my thumb continued rubbing her clitty. Pat was getting wetter and hornier as my fingers began finger fucking her, her nipples were hard and were stood proud between my lips, whilst I was sucking them. Pat began to moan louder and she began lifting her cunt towards my probing fingers - Ringgg Ringgg

damn it the doorbell.

Pat pushes my hand away and swings her legs out of bed. She put her short kimono wrap on, which just about covers her bum, but doesn't leave a lot to the imagination and went downstairs to answer the door. I heard her speak to the postman who was apologising for having to ring but he has a delivery and needed a signature. I heard Pat say to him that she was about to get a delivery when he rang, and he said that maybe he could help out.

I heard the door close and the front room door open, I thought that Pat was going to put the kettle on and return to bed. After about 5 minutes, I got out of bed and I could hear quite clearly from the top of the stairs the sound of Pat moaning mmmmmmmmmmm. I went down the stairs and stood in the doorway. Pat, my wife, was kneeling in front of the postman sucking his cock. I could see that it was about 8 inches and was quite thick. Pat was deep throating him, sucking almost all of it into her mouth. The postie, Dave, was mauling her tits and pulling her nipples.

I walked in with my cock in my hand wanking, and put my hands on Pats arse and lifted her off her knees. Pat startled when I touched her as she obviously was enjoying herself and had forgotten about me. She let Dave's cock go and looked at me. I smiled and said please carry on as I'm going to fuck you doggie style while you suck off the postie. I then shoved my cock into her cunt which was very wet and began pumping her. Pat took Daves cock into her mouth and we began to get a rhythm. Dave fucking my wifes mouth and me fucking her cunt.

I didn't want to cum, as I wanted to see Dave fuck her and fill her cunt so that I could fuck her with Daves cum in her. After about 5 minutes I pulled out, and Pat stopped sucking Dave and told me to fuck her good and hard. I said no, as I want Dave to fill her. I moved the fruit bowl etc off the coffee table and montioned to Pat to lie down. Pat laid down splaying her legs, opening her labia, showing her puffed lips and clitoris poking out. Dave had by now undressed and positioned himself over Pat. I reached between them and guided Daves cock into Pats cunt. It was lovely watching his cock going in and out of my wifes cunt. Pat pulled him closer and wrapped her legs over his hips. She was grinding away and her breathing was getting faster, she was moaning and then suddenly she arched her self and screamed 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming yes! yes! yes! fuck me,fuck me.' Dave increased his thrusts and I could see his balls tighten as he shot his cum into her. Dave pulled out and his cock was glistening with their cum juice. I was mesmerised and bent over and licked his cock clean. Pat watched me and I couldn't help myself and took Daves cock into my mouth and began sucking him back to hardness. When he was hard, I moved over to Pats cunt and looked at her puffy lips and the cum of them both dripping out of her. I began lapping up the cum and began running my tongue up between her labia lips, finding her clitoris poking out and very very sentitive, Pat moaned as I teased her clit, Dave had moved up to Pats head and she began sucking Dave again. Pat was really getting hot and between her sucks she was moaning and gasping. I then moved up and rammed my cock into her soaking wet cunt. The feeling was like a silken glove, but hot and wet. I began pumping into her and Pat was again panting and then she screamed YESSSSSS

as she cum, this set me off and I squirted my cum into her hole. I slipped my cock out of Pats cunt and sat back to get my breath, watching Pat suck Dave. Pat said I want to be fucked again, and Dave stood up and re-entered Pats cunt. He pumped away in long deep strokes making Pat whimper , and began suckling her breasts. The nipples were still engorged and sensitive and Pat was enjoying it. After I had got my breath back I went over and began to squeeze Daves balls, I was helping him to thrust into Pat and began to insert 2 fingers into Pats cunt alongside Daves cock. Pat was really humping back, she spread her legs even wider pushing her feet on the floor, when she roared yesssssssssssssssss fuck I'm cummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnngggg

, I could see all the cum running out of Pats cunt as Dave slammed into her, my hand was soaking, as a pulled my fingers out of her cunt and then Dave grunted and said I'm filling your cunt, oh fuck. oh fuck.

Dave then pulled out and began to get dressed, while Pat just lay on the coffee table, her cunt wide open leaking the cum of us all. Dave then said thanks for the fuck, and that he would like to do it regularly. Pat looked across to him and said that she would like that - how about every morning, and does he have a mate or two. Dave said that he did and would see her in the morning.

Pat looked at me, and asked me to lick her out, and that she was looking forward to the postman cumming.

Hopefully this is the turning point and that our sex life is going to get a lot better - even if I have to share