Written by Elliot

21 Nov 2003

What a fantastic night I had last night. I have always wanted to fuck a pregnant woman, the thought has allways been with me; more so now because my cousin is five months pregnant and carries her bump well. When I visited her and Mal yesterday I sat with them for a few hours drinking coffee and chatting in general.

Angie looked so good, she explained that the best part of it all was that her boobs had grown to twice the size, Mal seconded this with a cheer from the kitchen where he was making sandwiches. I couldnt help but notice the size of them either.

Angie is 28, dark haired with smouldering looks, she is only a slight size 8, though she does have a fantastic body, her legs are shapely and well toned, and now she has filled out slightly she looked absolutely adorable.

When we were kids Angie and I did the normal thing of show me yours and I'll show you mine, and touchy feelies...I was itching to reach over and stroke her massive swollen tit's through her dress. She was smiling at me and whispered 'feel them, Mal can't see'. I gently reached over and held them, feeling the heat of them through the material. Then Mal walked in and I quickly sat up staright as he plonked down the sandwiches in front of us. My cock was throbbing.

The phone rang and it was Mal's mum, she was stuck in town and required a lift. I offered to pick her up as it is only a five minute drive and I had blocked Mal's car in when I parked. Mal said 'let me take your truck and I'll go' Angie said 'oh let him he is itching to drive your truck as he has a fantasy over land cruisers' I laughed and passed him the keys as Angie gave him a small shopping order. A quick peck on Angies lips and he was gone.

We both sat there and made small talk, I was bursting inside as I wanted to pull her dress open and hold her tit's. She looked so demure and smoulderingly sexy, and still carried her tan well from the summer. She stood up and said 'come and see the bedroom we have decorated for the baby' my cock was still throbbing as I followed her. We stood in the room and surveyed the surroundings, the air was electric between us, Angie looked down at the carpet and reached over and rubbed my cock 'what's this' she said, I laughed and said its some thing gives and brings pleasure. She kept her hand on my cock rubbing it through my jeans, I reached up and held her tit's, I then stood behind her and groped her tits, putting my hands inside her dress, they were huge, her nipples were sticking out like bullets, they were really firm and yet soft to touch.

Angie was groaning and murmured, 'you have made me wet now' I reached down around her waist and opened her dress up by undoing the buttons, her tit's were hanging from her bra like huge ripe melons. I pulled her panties to one side and allowed my knuckles to rub up against her clit, and across her pussy, which was kept very trim! As I did it Angie was groaning gently and writhing slightly. I slipped a finger into her slit and felt her wetness...I pulled her panties down around her ankles.and she stepped out of them; my cock was ready to burst through my jeans,

She stopped me and turned around and sat on the bed; as she did so she pulled her dress up around her waist showing me her swollen protruding pussy lips. I knelt down and started licking and gently sucking on her clit and lips, placing my hands on those beautiful tits and groping them firmly. Angie started bucking in my face, she was close to an orgasm, which surprised me as we had only just started. I knelt at the side of her and continued playing with her clit as Angie tugged my zip open and reached for my cock, she pulled it clear and wanked me slowly, I still had my other hand on her tits.

'let me suck it' she said, I bent over as she took it in her mouth, she was giving me a two hand wank as she sucked it. I had my hand back on her clit gently rubbing it, her pussy lips were so swollen I nearly come just looking at them.

'Wank over my clit, bang your cock hard against it' I did as she asked, though I was desperate to put my cock inside of her, she started shuddering as she cum...I couldnt hold back, as the sight of her glorious tits shaking around was to much for me. I shot my cum up against her clit and over her pussy lips, and she shuddered again. I knelt in between her legs and used the back of my hand to rub the cum over her, which she loved.

We cleaned up and I was a little dispointed that I never got the chance to push my cock into that swollen pussy...She explained that her pregnancy actually turned Mal off, and for the past five months she had only received 'clit rubs' from him and the occasional tit wank, hence the horny devil syndrome she was suffering from. We were both back down stairs as Mal arrived with his mother, and the banter and coffee continued as though nothing had happened.

After a while I said my good byes and drove the 30 miles back home. When I arrived I checked through my e-mail and was quite excited to receive one from a couple who live quite close to me in Devon. 'Pregnant and horny' was the title, I read through it twice, it was a reply from an ad I had placed on Lycos. The couple were engaged, mid 30's...and she (Sharon) was six months pregnant, her partner David was horny over the thought of her being fucked in her present condition; they were used to the doggin scene and normally used a spot called Kit Hill near to a place called Callington, in Cornwall. They also left a mobile number, which I called immediately even though it was nearly 9:30PM.

The conversation went well, David explained that due to her pregnancy they kept away from the normal doggin scene, though occasionally they would drive some where and Sharon would give a blow job or wank to a stranger. David asked if I wanted to meet now 'YES' came back my reply. I quickly showered and changed and met them in Safeways car park at Tavistock. I climbed into their car and we chatted for a while. Sharon was strangely attractive, very short Auburn hair, green eyes, though normally a size 10 she was pregnantly plump; with huge tits, and I mean huge tits. Although the car park was lit up, it was even hornier because the car was dimly lit up inside. Sharon was wearing a smart black baggy jumper type dress, with hold up stockings. David invited me to 'reach around and feel her breasts' I did, she had no bra on; they were heavy and surprisingly firm. I kneeded them and flicked her nipples gently as she squirmed in her seat. 'I need it now' said Sharon...I suggested we drive back to my place to do it in comfort, we did!

We only got as far as the lounge when I heard Dave unzip him self, his cock was so thick I couldnt take my eyes of it. Sharon started wanking him as I lifted her baggy jumper up to expose her pussy...no panties on at all, it was completey shaven, my cock was growing by the minute, I then put my hands onto her tits and groped away. 'Lean over the chair' instructed David, she did, and he knelt down and started licking her pussy from behind, I had my cock in my hand wanking it when she reached across and helped me. She was wriggling like mad at Davids attention, I was throbbing, 'put your cock in her' he said, I obliged and gently eased my self in...it was heaven. She was quite tight and I was rubbing her pussy lips and clit with my hand. David stood next to me watching, cock in his hand; I could see Sharons tits bouncing in the reflection of the large mirror as she leaned against the suite.

'Hold his cock' she said to me, I did this and what a turn on as I wanked him at the same time. I was near to coming when Sharon wanted to sit down. She sat and opened her legs, both David and I were wanking over her as she rubbed her clit, I could smell her wetness of my cock, David knelt down and took my cock into his mouth and started sucking me, Sharon started groaning at the sight, after a few minutes I could feel my self coming and I told David, he releasd my cock and strated wanking me over her pussy, I shot my load onto her, over her clit and lips, David then got inbetween her legs and rubbed my come over his cock, then he pushed it into her and rocked back and forth. I was rubbing her tits as he did it, I could tell he was going to come and as he did so he pulled out and come over her tits, then he put it back in and continued fucking her again.

My own cock was stiff once more, I wanked david and rubbed Sharons clit at the same time, David asked Sharon to turn around on all fours, which she did, then he gently eased his cock into her arse and fucked her slowly. I was mesmerised as I watched it go in. He soon come inside of her with a grunt, which actually turned me on! 'Suck his cock' David said to Sharon...she did, and what a blow job it was, I was close to coming for the second time, when she stopped and laid on her back, 'come in here' she said and opened her pussy for me. I obliged and come inside of her, David then knelt down and started licking her out. It was so horny to watch.

We cleaned up and retired to the kitchen for a coffee. They told me about other exploits they had gotten up to in the past, I was fascinated. Sharon had fucked six guys at a car park at Yelverton one summers evening, and some even went twice! The youngest was 17.

Today I have had two wanks over the memory of last night, and I am ready for another one now.

We have arranged to meet again this weekend for more fun, and they are going to bring around their home made porn film on CD, which should be worth a horny viewing. I will keep you posted.

BTW if there are any horny couples or singles in the Tavistock, or the surrounding area then drop me a line, fun and complete discretion available.