Written by kev

2 May 2005

the best time for sex for me and my girlfriend carol is definely on our lazy sunday lie ins.i love carol dearly and sex is always from the heart being loving and respectful..but..this sunday was an unexpected beautiful exception.we woke in the usual slumber and i held carol in my arms warmly and affectionatly.as i lovingly stroked her pencil slim perfect body my cock was already fully erect and pulsing strongly as it pressed warmly against her side.carol stretched and with a relaxed tone she said,"it was a good programme i was watching while you were studying,it was about relationship break ups, apparantly men stray if thier partners are prudish."she looked slightly concerned and asked,"kev?you dont think im a prude do you?"the reason she may have asked is likely because our sex life is so respectfully affectionate and loving.i reassured her that i was fine with things but she continued her concerns and asked,"if there was something you wanted to do you would tell me wouldnt you?"ok was my simple reply and i could tell carol was becoming highly arroused.to my surprise carol threw the duvet all the way back and writhed excitedly on her back,she gave me a keen wicked smile and said,"come on,lets do things,dont be so lovey-dovey for a change,be a bit more devilish."my heart began to race and beat frighteningly hard as carol arched her back proudly displaying her small firm tits.carol was squirming with a hungry glint in her eye and in a moment of great passion i siezed one of her pointy little tits in my hands and clutched hold of it very firmly.normally i would carress her tits with the utmost care but as i squeezed her tit hard in my hand she let out an appreciative loud gasp of approval.this spurred me on to grope and manipulate her lovely little tits far more crudely than i could ever had wished for.carols excitement was increasing dramatically and after squeezing her tits very firmly for a while i siezed her beautiful face in my hands and snogged her as hard as i could.she wimpered with absolute delight and i began to pull her hair as i snogged her lovely face with absolute passion.as i snogged her hard she forced her hand down between us to keenly grab hold of my rigid cock.it felt fantastic and i broke away to gasp with utter pleasure as she ran her tiny hand up and down my solid shaft.she gave me a look of great determination so i kept up the momentem by moving my cock up much closer to her keen flushed face.she kept her small hand curled around my pulsing cock and her eyes widened with desire as she gasped loudly,"god,look at it,its huge."she swept her hand up and down its length and said,"come on,do things."with that i brushed her hand away and siezed my stiff cock firmly and pressed it hard against her pretty face.carol smiled almost nervously as i rubbed my cock eagerly over her blushing face.it looked so great as my solid erect cock dwarfed her small pretty face completly.in the heat of the moment i held her chin and prised her jaw open.her eyes were ablaze with lust as i cupped the back of her head to guide my throbbing cock towards her quivering mouth.as i pressed my cock firmly against her mouth i felt her teeth gently raking over my cock head and partly onto my solid shaft.i paused just momentarily to make sure all was ok then i held the sides of her slender head and pulled her pretty face carefuuly in towards me.my cock was stretching her jaw fully and my fingers were entwined in her hair as she sucked me very contently.i then looked down and watched her lovely expression as i gently rocked my hips in a fucking motion between her pencil thin lips.to my delight carol took a slight initative and began to bob her head up and down taking my cock keenly in and out of her mouth.i stroked the top of her head firmly in my hands as she contently sucked me quite crudely.she soon became a little breathless and i was fighting hard to hold back so it was a reprieve for us both when i pulled away and slid down the bed to clamp my mouth hard over her lush pussy.carol wriggled with utter delight as i licked and sucked her very fragrant damp pussy.she reached down and pawed over my head as i gave her pussy my all and everything.i was down there for quite somewhile and it was carol who urgently asked me to hurry and put it inside her.i towered over her and grinned down at her menacingly as my stiff cock prodded her moist open slit.just as the head of my cock began to penetrate her eager hole i siezed her wrists and pinned them down above her head.i held her down and slid my solid cock easily into her helpless pussy.i drilled into her fully up to the hilt then after composing myself very briefly i tightened my grip on her siezed wrists and began to fuck her far more firmly than i have ever done.i was elated as carol was clearly enjoying every second of it and sooner than i could have expected she told me not to stop as she was going to come.she screwed her face up with sheer anguish and her whole body tightened as her orgasm tore through her.she shivered and breathed very eratically as she strived to recover and my cock was still throbbing wildly inside her.she became limp with exhaustion but i continued to fuck her regardless.carol layed back and smiled radiantly as i plundered her highly arroused vagina.in time she gasped out that she ached between her legs so i carefully pulled out of her relieved pussy.i once again turned my attention to her solid little tits and pawed my hands and mouth all over them.carol recovered enough to ask breathlessly,"dont you want to come yet?"i was desperate to let it go and in response i hooked my leg across her and sat astride her chest.she looked up at my solid stiff cock and said light heartedly,"uh oh,wheres it all going to go?"naturally i gazed down at her pointy little tits fully intending to splatter them all over.i didnt say any thing as i moved a little higher up her chest to position myself.i then couldnt resist leaning forward to brush my cock once again over her beautiful pretty face,i was consumed with lust as it looked so good but then carol asked,"oh no,not on my face surely."it wasnt my intention but the prospect really got me going.carol was smiling up at me wondering if i really was going to let it go over her face.my mind was quickly made up and i gently eased her head back into her pillow and began to work my cock up and down right in front of her face.carol grinned broadly and as i got really close she gasped,"oh my god,you really are going to."my excitement was going through the roof and i gasped out,"look out carol, here it comes.she quickly braced herself only just in time as i began to spurt furiously right in the middle of her beautiful face.i came almost frenziedly and it felt so fantastic to spurt strongly all over her gorgeous face.carols eyes were clenched tightly as she allowed me to ejaculate my full load willingly onto her face.it was a wonderful experience and im relieved that carol genuinely enjoyed it.