Written by Trainer

9 Oct 2017

So today’s call was somewhat unexpected and strange, but I answered and we had a good chat, we ended the call with me agreeing to meet her and her friend in a pub in one of the district centres near to her home.

I walked in to find a beer, for me, already on the table. Sam gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips, before introducing me to her friend Tammy. I had no preconceptions of Sam’s friend so wasn’t surprised to find a woman, similar in age to Sam, blonde shoulder length hair only around 5’2” in heels, and they were high, she was also from first glance well kept in with slimmer disposition to Sam. They had a bottle of Rose opened and it was already nearly empty.

We sat and chatted, although I thought I’d walked in and their conversation and it was strange trying to work out what was going on, until Tammy looked at me and said, so it’s nice to meet the man, who Sam tells as the best lover she’s ever had, I must have looked shocked, but she added, not that she’s had that many guys. Sam smiled at that. So I said I didn’t judge myself but I was happy if I was thought of like that. Sam poured the last of the wine into her glass then downed it then said, you’re just jealous ‘cos all your men dip in and fuck off. Jealous, yeah right, I don’t want them hanging around me with all their mummy boy baggage, but it might be good if just one could satisfy me. I started to understand what and where this was going, so I finished me beer, then said well lets go.

There was nothing else said in the pub, we made our way back to my car, not that I intended to drive, but I knew what they were thinking. As we were in a local shopping area, I’d parked in a town car park and it was a little after four when I opened the car. Sam got front passenger seat and Tammy got in behind her, I walked around then got into the rear as well. I drew Tammy close and kissed her, she was game and it didn’t take me long to undo her jeans and work them down, at this time of day and where we were I wasn’t going to fuck her, but she was going to get a good fingering from me. Sam was giving us a commentary with a lot of oh god’s thrown in, I think it shocked her a bit, but her commentary was quite funny as I had one or two fingers in Tammy and my thumb was rubbing her clit. Every time I felt her start to shake I’d stop drawing out my fingers then letting her calm down and beginning again. I had her going like this for around 10minutes when Sam’s commentary included telling us about a forty odd year old woman returning to her car with shopping, Sam had seen her walking back and had then kept updating us on how close and which car she might be going to. Now as I’m sometimes a lazy driver I park front in, and today was no exception, the next car over had reverse parked, so the driver’s door level with us. Sam’s update had the woman returning to that neighbouring car, she went round the far side to us, just as I stopped Tammy from having her o, for the third time, she was now calling me a teasing bastard and yelling at me to make her come. The woman had put her shopping in the boot and now came round between the cars, Sam was laughing her tales now and the woman looked into the drivers space then across to Sam, who was now in fits of laughter, the woman distracted by Sam didn’t look into our car opened her door and sat in. My thumb was rubbing Tammy’s clit fairly hard, but my gaze was at the woman, she still hadn’t seen us. Now men don’t do this, well I certainly don’t, as soon as I’m in the car, belt on ignition started, handbrake off and away, but women appear to feel that they can only drive their car when their make-up is correct, so the woman now dropped the sun visor, flipped open the mirror and began to touch up her make-up, Sam has gone fairly quiet now, she was watching the woman, after all, to all intents and purposes we’d turned a shoppers car park into a dogging spot and in the afternoon.

I was so busy watching the woman, I’d forgotten about the job in hand and hadn’t stopped at the right time, so Tammy now let out a massive YESSSSSSSSSSSS, I quickly tried to kiss her to shut her up, to muffle her orgasm, but the woman had heard, Sam was now laughing again and I turned to look straight at the woman, who wasn’t looking at me but when I turned to follow her eyes was looking at my hand inside Tammy, with Tammy completely naked below her waist and her little Brazilian patch dripping with moisture and my hand still working in and out of her hole.

Now everyone has heard of the rabbit situation, and that is what we appeared to have here, Tammy was certainly enjoying herself, bucking up and down, I wasn’t going to stop, Sam was laughing but the woman was that rabbit, she looked away, back to her mirror, then back at us she was staring. I was now a bit worried because she only had to hit her horn and there were enough other folks returning to their cars for us to be caught so I withdrew my hand kissed Tammy and began to disentangle myself from her. I opened the door, almost as though nothing had happened, but I was looking at the woman waiting for her next move.

She wound her window halfway down then said, indignantly, this is a public car park you know, to which I heard Tammy shout, yes and that’s why the public are watching us. I opened the car door, threw the keys to Sam and told her to lock it when they were out and I walked back to the pub as the woman drove off.