Written by LJ

8 May 2005

Jill is quite a sexy lady, a couple of years ago we were going by train to Chesterfield, we had been looking for a way to spice up our sex life and were talking about this quietly on the train. As we were waiting for the train to leave Sheffield I suggested we go to a door and she could flash her tits out of the window, at first she was reluctant but I knew by the look on her face that she was turned on by the idea so I went to the nearest door. Jill followed me just as the train started to move, she quickly unfastened her bra and lifted her top to reveal her beautiful big tits. On the platform leaning against wall by a door, was a porter, he was having a smoke and I thought what a grumpy old sod he looked, as he saw Jill's tits he started to smile, then he shouted in the door, obviously calling his mates, no one came, but you could see what he was thinking written on his face, it was, "Bugger them, I am going to see as much of this as I can.", all this happened in seconds but Jill was really playing up by now cheekily circling her large pink nipples and jiggling her boobs like crazy, by the look on his face this guy was almost cumming in his pants.

A while later we went on a coach trip, we were sat near the back of the coach, half of the passengers had left the coach while the rest of us stayed on to a different spot. The only other people near the back of the bus were about 15 years older than us and looked very straitlaced. we were on the left of the coach, they were on the right, I said to Jill that if we swapped to the, now vacant, seats a couple of rows behind this couple, she could give me a blow job. I expected a very definite, "No" but she immediately stood up and moved to the seats I had pointed out, she let me through to sit near the window, and quickly whipped out my cock and started to wank it gently, as soon as he was hard she leaned across and stared to suck him deeply while still wanking the base of my shaft. At this, the woman in front glanced round, I expected her to scream or something because I was sure she must have seen something between the seats, but she looked straight back. A few seconds later, she looked back again but this time looked more closely, I felt sure she was going to be horrified, but by now things had started stirring so I just didn't care anymore, she glanced away but quickly turned round, this time she looked me straight in the eyes and smiled broadly, she sort of half kneeled in her seat to take in the action, her husband was totally oblivious to all that was happening, this woman was sat there grinning as I was getting the blow job of my life, the thought of this was all too much and I shot straight away. As usual, Jill swallowed every drop, as she lifted her head the woman in front turned round and sat back in her seat. Jill asked me why was I so excited, she said, "I could tell you were really turned on, then it felt like I was swallowing half a gallon of jizz.".

When we got off the coach, I told her about the woman in front, she replied, "When we go back tonight, I will put a real show on for her."

All day I was thinking about this, when we got on the coach that evening the man and woman were already in their seats, they both smiled and said , "Hello". As soon as the coach started to move, Jill fished out my cock and went to work, this time, the woman looked back, smiled and nudged her husband, they quickly exchanged seats so he could get a better look, at first I thought he was going to complain, but he just gave me a thumbs up and settled down to watch. Jill seemed to sense what was happening and took her hand off my cock, while still sucking she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders, at some point in the day she had removed her bra so not only could the guy see her sucking me off, he also got an eyeful of her tits, again, I was so turned on I shot a large amount which Jill duly swallowed. When the coach stopped to pick up the other passengers we moved back to our original seats. The couple in front were saying to everyone that they'd had a lovely day, when a couple sat in the seats we had used, the guy said, "That must be the best seat on the coach." then turned and winked at me.