Written by Happyhooker

30 Dec 2004

Last summer I placed an advert on here to see if any males were interested in meeting up for some male on male fun.I had two pics up and added my website showing others of me in action acting the slut.I am 40 years old and over the years have never refused any cock in my life and love to feel dirty and used and beg for more fucking if they are about to leave.I had a big response from all over and all ages from 18 to 67 black,white,indian and chinese.I sorted them out into no no's(no pic,location,telno)possibles(some info)and ones I would let take me as they wished(they sent pics,telnos and some gave addresses).

I got ready for a friday night meet with an Indian gentleman called Ajit who had sent me a lovely picture of his brown cock which had spunk running down it and he had told me he wanked off thinking of me when he took the picture.I turend up outside his house at 8.00 and he opened his door and ushered me in and once in he pushed me against the wall and kissed me ful on the lips and I opened my mouth so his tongue could fuck my mouth and my knees nearly gave way as I told him to undo my coat and he did so and his eyes nearly opopped out when he saw what I had on underneath my long coat.I was dressed as a young schoolgirl and he ran his hands up the front of my skirt and felt my hard cock through my damp knickers and I told him to take me to his bedroom and he took my hand and I couldn't wait to have him.He pushed me down on the bed and my skirt rode up and he yanked down my knickers and smelt them and he could see that I had already spunked in them on the way over whilst I had driven to him and he licked the spunk out of them.Then he lciked my helmet and then the rest of the shaft and squezed my balls hard and I told him to get undressed as I wanted fucking hard so he striiped off and unleashed his big brown cock and put it in my face and I took it in my hands and wanked it off slowly then really bulit up speed as he called me a whore,slut tart tramp and I nodded as to agree to who and what I was I wanted the world to know I loved cock and wished his neighbours would come to.He then removed his cock after I had sucked it for about 10 minutes and ordered me on my knees and he rubbed his cock against my arse and pulled my cheeks wide apart and spat into his hands and lubbed up my sweaty arse which I had already rammed ky jelly up in the car and he told me to brace myself and then he was in and didn't wait he just fucked me hard and rough just like I love it and was pumping ain and out so hard I thought the bed would collapse I was screaming and moaning so loudly I was in heaven and urging him to fuck me harder like a stallion and he leaned forward and kissed me as he fucked me good and proper I pushed back hard and loved the sensation I was getting from this pensioner I knew he would be getting a regular visit from me and I wondered if he had any old mates who would love a piece of white slut and he carried on fucking me until he couldn't last and just groned as his indian spunk shot up into my arse and flooded me and he carried on pumping until his hairy balls were emptied and he fell off me and lay there all sweaty anbd told me he had enjoyed fucking my arse and I moved down between his legs and started to lick the excess spunk that hadn't gone into my arse and as I did so I felt spunk run down my legs and I fely so used and loved it. He couldn't manage to fuck me again that day but I did give him a blowjob and arranged to meet him the next week and again asked himt o check with his mates.

I got dressed and was soon onto my next appointment with a 23 year old jamican builder.................