Written by Lusinda

22 Jun 2006

Right, my name’s really spelled "Lucinda," at least while I'm working as a bank teller during the day. The "sin" part comes in later on. My husband, Richard, and I have been swingers for some years (he's 48, I'm 47) and have gotten into it more now that the kids are grown. We do our share of swinging at parties and in-house with other couples, but from time to time, you want something a bit different, don’t you?

So, we decided to visit a sex cinema in a town about 30 minutes away. Richard went in first, by himself. As planned, I waited in the car alone, and went in myself about five minutes later. The man at the box office looked at me twice, but said nothing; I looked ordinary, wearing a full-length coat.

Once I got inside, I spotted Richard, but went to sit by myself four rows in front of him. I took off my coat. I am 47, as I said, but I am still thin — too thin, really, I think.. I was wearing a jet-black tube top, a skin-tight short-short-short skirt (both with nothing under them, of course) and shoes with heels so high it was almost hard to walk with them as I came in. I looked the right slut, and I felt it, and that’s a feeling I like very, very much.

I was already hot and juicy when I came in, and it intensified as I watched the fucking and sucking on the screen. Porno DVDs at home are great, but something about the scale on a movie screen can’t be matched.

Before long, I had pulled my tube top down. My tits are little, but my nipples are big, and I love to twist and twirl them.

Then I pulled up my skirt and went to work on my pussy, but not for long.

There were only a few men in the theater, but one of them came to sit beside me, enjoying my show more than the one on screen. He took out his cock and started to wank himself.

Well, I couldn't have that, could I? If there was cock-jerking to be done, I would be the one to do it. I took his hard cock in my hand. Before long, he was pumping, gasping and grunting; I do know how to work a dick. I turned to him, went at his deal harder and tighter, and his body jerked and shivered as he shot his load all over my face and tits.

As I turned back, I saw another man on the other side of me, this one with his erect black cock in my face. Immediately, I took it into my mouth and began sucking as I massaged his balls. Before long, he exploded with a load of hot cum. I smiled up at him as the jism dribbled down my chin and onto my tits.

I don’t really know how many more men I sucked and jerked off. It must have been six or seven. It was hard to count, because I reached a point at which my glasses were all but coated in spunk. When the last one was satisfied, I became aware I was covered with cum, and, as I wiped off my glasses, wondered how I would get out without it becoming apparent to people on the street.

That was when Richard appeared in the aisle, hand-in-hand with a lovely blonde who appeared to be about a decade older than we are.

"This is Patsy," Richard said. "She likes to eat cum. I know, because she just ate mine."

"Can I lick you off, dear?" she asked.

I smiled.

"Why not get started?" I responded, spreading myself over two seats.

She licked me, all right. Not only did she clean up the spunk, she cleaned up my cunt with her darting tongue, giving me a monstrous climax. She was busy at the time, too, because Richard, hard again, was behind her, entering her slit from the rear as she wanked her own clit. It wasn’t long before Richard moaned, and I could see strands of his cum dribbling down Patsy’s leg where she had pulled down her skirt and knickers.

After Patsy got me off, I looked up to see another cock in my face.

"This is Craig, my husband," Patsy said, smiling. "Shall we blow him off?"

And so we did, taking turns sucking his cock and balls until he treated us with a faceload of goo.

Having met Patsy and Craig intimately, we introduced ourselves more formally and retired to a local spot for a couple of drinks. I have to confess more ensued — I did get cock fore and aft, as they say, from Craig that night, and Richard did the same for Patsy — but, I suppose that can wait for another time, as can other stories about why the "sin" belongs right in the middle of "Lusinda."