Written by footjob1

27 Jan 2007

After our last episode over the snooker table the wife had been talking about being fucked by a large group of men. We were looking for a venue that may satisfy when we happened to get invited to a pyjama party by a chap at the golf club. He said that the last party had been fun, with women turning up in short nighties and the chaps with PJ's on. He did say that sometimes things turned a bit raunchy so to be aware. On the night the wife put on her shortest nighty with a black g-string on and no bra. Her tits were clearly visable as the nighty was very sheer and so her arse was also on view. She finised the look off with a pair of black mules with her sexy toes painted red. We arrived and the party was in full swing with the living room cleared for dancing. The wife was grabbed almost at once by a dark chap who began to smooch with her. I noticed his hand go straight to her arse and he bent his head down and took one of her big tits out of her nighty and kiss her nipple. She gave me a nod that she was OK and gently began stroking his dick through his PJ's. Other couples were also fondling each other and I noticed a rather sexy blonde standing alone. I began to chat and we also had a dance. I moved over so that I could see what the wife was up to and saw that she had the chap's dick in her hand and was gently wanking him. His fingers were up her cunt and she was looking as if she was in heaven. Another chap had his fingers exploring her arse whilst he danced with his partner. The wife bent down and took the dark chap's dick in her mouth whilst he second guy stuck his disk up her arse. Soon a crowd of people circled them all watching the action. I started to squeeze the blonde girls arse and stroke her cunt lips which were now beginning to juice up. Another chap gently offered his stiff dick to the wife and she wanked that as the dark chap lay on the floor. The wife straddled him and his dick went straight up her cunt. The second guy pushed her forwards so that her tits were in the dark guy's face and he pushed his cock back up her arse. The third guy pushed his dick into her mouth. Other couples began fucking and I stuck my dick into the blonde's cunt. There was a little queue by the wife as when one chap finished with her another took their place. She was fucked by twelve blokes that night.