Written by dive

16 Jun 2006

earlier this week while in Dorset for a short break we decided to go fishing for the day. Chrissie loves to sunworship and read, but not fish. We got a cab to the river walked along the bank and set up. The sun was blazing down Chrissie got the blanket out and started to sun herself. She had her new white linin dress on with a belt tied round the middle to keep it closed.After a while i got boared as it was to hot to fish and one thing led to another and we made love on the bank. Just as we finished a boat with some youn lads on went past and gave us verbals on what a luckey bastard i was . A little later the heavens opened ,we packed up and decided to run for the pub a short distance down the river.In the rush chrissies pants got stood on and got muddy. Off we ran and got to shelter in the pub . I went to the bar got some drinks bearing in mind we had some wine while fishing.Got back to our table to see chrissie being chatted up by two old lads. Her dress had gone seethrough in the rain she sat on the seat edge and tried to pull the dress from her skin with no luck. she then went to the loo to try and dry ,from the rear we got a great view of her bottom and relised NO PANTS ON. When she returned her muff hair which is unshaven stood out a mile.We had a few more drinks and jokes with the local two and decided to get a cab back to our camp site. All booked for hours we were told. Then came the offer we will run you back GREAT.chrissie was quite pissed by now .we got into their car an mg convertable chrissie and me in tbe small back seat . off we went her legs open due to the tunnel in the middle gave them in front a great sight and the dress had opened in the wind exposing her great nipples .back at the tent we offered them a drink while we got changed. We had a grope and one thing led to another and chrissie was very loud then another hand joined us ,we were far to gone to bother then i ejected in buckets Chrissie grabed the old guys pants opend them and found a rock had cock .Within seconds she was sitting on him his mate then came in and offered chrissie his cock and she gave hime a bj while i chewed her nipples. it was all over in about 5 min flat. Chrissie covered in spunk and very sore and love bites all over. We found out the old boys were father and son. we never wet them again and never talked about it again.