Written by Patrick

22 Aug 2006

Bloody hell, it happened this afternoon. I'd been picking blackberries and had nearly enough in my bucket when I heard the screech of tyres in the car park. Peering out of the brambles I saw this young couple, not exactly running but certainly walking very fast. They could not have been more than 18. Both were slim, the girl had loose floral dress on and she looked to be about 5'6" with black hair and very pretty. He was approx 6', quite muscular and also had black hair.

The speed that they were walking indicated to me that they wanted to get down to some business--if you know what I mean. I decided to follow them. Fortunately they hadn't seen me in the brambles so I crept out and followed at a discreet distance. They were making for the wooded area. Now I know this place like the back of my hand and and also know where to secrete myself to be unobserved.

They reached the wooded area and it was pretty obvious that they were'nt going to go too far in as they were so eager.

I circled round until I reached the spot where they had entered, stopped and listened. "This looks a good spot" he said, "No, just over here there's long grass" she replied.

As I said, I know the place like the back of my hand and had a good idea of where they were.

I also know that there's a thick bush this side of that clearing. I hid my bucket of blackberries and crept to that bush. It's a very thick holly bush so I had to try and skim round it to be able to see anything, which I did.

They were stood up, he was kissing her and running his hands up her skirt and FUCK ME, she had black and red suspender belt and panties on with black seamed stockings. Obviously she had dressed to be screwed. A girl after my own heart as I was dressed today in pink suspender belt and panties with white stockings, also hoping to be screwed.

She was feeling down his front but I couldn't see where but I guessed, then she knealt down and I saw her run his zip down and BLOODY HELL, she took out that enormous cock, it was about 8"/9" long but not too fat. Opening her mouth she took the end in and I heard him say "You like my big cock in your mouth don't you", "don't suck it too long as I want to ride that hairy cunt of yours".

Well, I was so horny that I slipped down my joggers and pulled my hard cock out of the leg of my panties. Now he loared her onto the grass, yanked her skirt up and her panties down and off and then got his head between her legs and I could hear the slirping.

Next, down came his slacks and then off (he was certainly taking a chance there as it's a public park) He took a condom and it was so fucking raunchy to see her slide it on for him. He then glided up and obviusly inserted as she let out a yelp. Slowly he started to shag her, ever so gently until she raised her legs up and wrapped them round his buttocks.

I was wanking like a good un at the sight and could now stand up to see and as I did, I half turned and there was a guy close behind me with this big fat cock sticking out of his slacks. He put a finger to his lips, indicating that I should be quiet. I made a move to pull my joggers up but he came up to me and restrained me and rubbed his hands all over my panty clad arse and up my stocking legs.

He whispered in my ear, "You are the horniest thing that I've see all day"

The couple on the grass were now going at it hammer and tongs and he was calling her all the dirty names he could think of. "You love me shagging that tight cunt of yours", "one of these days, I'm going to shag that arse off you" "Bet you'd like a black cock up you, you randy tart", oh and a lot more that I can't remember.

Matey behind me grabbed my hand and made me grip his cock and then whispered "Want me to fuck you while we watch those?. I told him that I'd never taken one that fat before and that I might yell out and blow our cover. He told me not to worry as he'd take it easy until I was comfortable and if I tried to yell out he'd put his hand over my mouth.

I pulled my panties down and then he yanked them up and said he'd slip his cock up the leg so that he could feel the nylon sliding up and down his cock as he shagged me.

A condom was stretched (and I mean stretched) onto his dick, I lubed my arse and used plenty and then he pushed and pushed and eventually it went in, I made a bit of a gasp and his hand went over my mouth. Slowly he started to grind as we watched and listened to the filthy talk from the couple, then he started shagging real hard ad I had to tell him that if he wanted to fuck me as hard as that we'd have to somewhere else. He aggreed and I went to pull up my joggers but he stopped me. "Can you not walk with your joggers off so that I can see you from behind?". It was a bit dicey but as I said, I knew that park so knew a way through. He walked behind me with his cock sticking out, feeling my arse as we went.

We didn't go too far, just out of earshot of the couple and I lay on the ground. "Now I want you to slip those panties off, raise your arse and let me get in missionary position" It was so raunchy feeling his body presing down on me as he rammed that fat cock right up me again. The trouble was, I spunked within seconds all over his and my belly. but he didn't stop he just kept on plowing in and out until my cock came up again.

Next he made me stand up, facing him and he lifted me and lowered me onto his prick. He had to lean me agaist a tree to take some of the weight, this only lasted a few minutes so I was back kneeling again with him stuck up me until with a shudder and a small screech, he shot his load. When he pulled the condom off a couple of minutes later after he'd stopped shuddering, it was full of dripping spunk.

We both got dressed and made our way back to the couple, they were still at it, he was having her doggy fashion this time. I remember when I was that age, I'd have shot my load after about 10 minutes at the most, not keep going as long as he did. There again, maybe it was the second, or even 3rd fuck.

She was some lucky girl as he was a lucky guy. But I could'nt complain. In fact we've made arrangements to meet again/