Written by Maxine

5 Jan 2019

My name is Maxine, I am an average woman of 35 and single, size 10 with a big bust, not too pretty or too ugly, I never have problems getting chatted up, my neighbour Stan is an old man of 78 who lives on his own since his wife passed away 6 years ago, he is always chatting too me and sometimes he will call in for a chat and a cuppa, He is always looking me up and down and telling me if he was 40 years younger he would take care of me, He came in the other week and complemented me for the way I looked, I hady my hair in a ponytail with a fringe I had a black vest top on and a tight black pencil skirt with a pair of black leather over the knee boots, , I was making a cuppa when I felt Stan standing close behind me, he was saying how sexy I looked and then I could feel him pushing against me, he was hard, it took me by suprise as I thought at his age he would be past it he had his hands on my shoulders and was getting over amourous, I turned around and he tried too kiss me but I turned away and told him too pack it in, he got quite emotional and went into the living room, I followed and he was so apologetic, I sat beside him and told him it was ok but not right, he said he still gets physical urges and was so frustrated I gave him a hug and told him it was ok he turned too look at me and kissed me gently on the cheek then moved my head so he was then kissing me on the lips, I was shocked but not because he was kissing me but because I was getting aroused he darted his tongue into my mouth and his hand was on my leg sliding up my skirt and the other hand was up my top and inside my bra, this craggy old man was kissing me and touching me up and I was letting him I reached down and felt the bulge in his trousers and gently stroked him through the trousers he stopped kissing me and started too undo his trousers he stood up and pulled them down as well as his Y fronts, he had a small cock about 5 inches long and not too fat either as he stood there I reached out and took his cock in my hand, he gasped as I pulled his foreskin back then gently wanked him off my other hand cupped his balls and gently caressed them he was sighing with pleasure, I looked up at the old man who was loving what I was doing he had his tongue hanging out as I jerked his stiff little cock, I leaned forward and licked the tip of his helmet while wanking him, he groaned with pleasure as I took him in my mouth and proceeded too suck him off while tickling his balls with my hand he took my head in his hands and started too gently fuck my mouth, I felt such a slut doing this but I was turned on so much, I stopped him from cunning in my mouth and told him too fuck me he had my skirt up and my knickers off then pushed me back on the sofa, he climbed between my legs and I guided his cock into me, I was soppung wet as he fucked me on my sofa, my top and bra were pushed up and he was sucking on my nipples while he humped away for dear life on top of me every so often darting his tongue inside my mouth and down my throat, and telling me what a sexy woman I was, I came twice and again at the same time as he emptied his spunk up inside of me, collapsing on top of me as he finished, we lay like that for about 10 minutes before we got dressed, he thanked me for letting him fuck me, I told him it was a one off and would not happen again but that night just before bedtime there was a knock at the door and there was old Stan with a grin on his face asking if I fancied a night cap, He ended up in my bed fucking my pussy, mouth and then cumming up my arse, dirty old sod told me he was taking viagra and he had took 2 before we went too bed, we have since gone on too have a lovely sexual relationship, he fucks me regular now in every hole and I even dress up for him in stockings and boots , I cant believe what a slut he has made of me but I am enjoying it all the while these days.