Written by Anonymous

10 Jan 2019

Old Stan has been fucking me for the last 3 weeks now, whenever he gets the opportunity, I cant believe the stamminer an old man like him has at 78 he is 43 years older than me, He isnt even good looking, short, 5 ft 5, bald, wrinkled up like an old prune but it is so naughty it turns me on that I give myself too this old man too do what he likes to me more or lessHe loves me sucking him off to completion and fucks all my holes, I feel such a dirty slut and I dress up for him, the sight of this craggy old man that I watch in the mirror as he takes me from behind always makes me orgasm intensely . He came round today to use me as he likes.

I was dressed only in black stockings black knickers and a half cup black bra that pushes my tits up, this was completed by a pair of black shiny pvc thigh high boots with 4 inch heels, as soon as Stan saw me his beady eyes lit up and he licked his lips, he grabbed me around the waist and kissed me, I had too bend my head down too kiss him as I towered over him in my heeled boots, he was french kissing me and his hands were all over my body, I stopped kissing him and turned and led him upstairs, knowing he was getting a right eyeful of my peachy arse as we went.

He was smacking my bum gently and telling me what a sexy little slut I looked and he was going too give it too me, I layed on top of the bed and let him look at me, I lifted my knees and parted my thighs pulling my knickers aside slipping a finger inside while he stood watching me.

He took his phone out and took some photos of me telling me not too worry they were only for his eyes, he stripped down too his vest and clambered between my legs gently tugging my knickers down and off, I could feel his hot breath on my pussy then a finger tracing around my pussy lips, he slipped a finger or two up inside of me then I felt his tongue on my button, I was wet and he made me even wetter as I came over his tongue while I watched it all in my full length wadrobe mirrors.

He then slid up my body kissing licking then sucking my nipples, he then moved up too my neck and kissed and bit it gently, I felt his stiffy on my pubes and reached down and took hold of it, guiding him into my soaking wet pussy, he told me I was a dirty little slut that was going too get a good old fucking from this dirty old man, I was so wet I had orgasm after orgasm while pulling him by the arse cheeks as far as I could get his 5 inches into me he thrust his tongue down my throat as he tensed up then ejaculated his seed up into my womb.

After a while he rolled off and I went down on him and cleaned him up with my mouth,, he got up and took some more photos of my puffy pussy lips oozing our juices out of me, I scooped some on my fingers and licked it off while he clicked away, I made a drink took it back upstairs and we drank it, me still in my stockings and boots, he told me I looked so horny dressed like that, after a while he got hard again and we had a slow fuck, he got me too turn on all fours then fucked me doggy style while gently slapping my arse, he was telling me what a dirty little slut I was and I was loving the thought of giving myself to a man old enough to be my grandfather, I turned and watched in the mirror as this ugly old man fucked me, I was still watching when he pulled out and lined his cock up with my bum hole he pushed and because his cock was wet with my juices he slipped straight up me, he had his hands holding on to my bra strap and he rode me like a jockey after 5 minutes he told me too lay down and lay with my face near his cock, he wanked his self off while I played with his balls darting my tongue around his helmet, he let out a groan, I felt his nuts tense up then a warm splash of salty spunk splashed on my tongue and over my face.

He got his phone and took some more photos of his sperm over my face and clinging too my hair.

While dressing he said I was insatiable and he might bring some help with him next time,, I told him I was not an old slag but he laughed and told me that he bet I would like it and he had his brother Jack in mind, whose 75th birthday was coming up,

I must admit that night alone in my bed I frigged myself then played with my dildo while my mind started too imagine two letcherous old men using me as they liked.