Written by Maxine

14 Jan 2019

If you have read my last two posts you will know that I have been letting my neighbour Stan basically do what he likes too me, and the letcherous old sod certanly does know how too use and abuse me as his sexual playting and I am more than happy too let him, He is 78 and 43 years older than me but he satiesfies me with the help of viagra, the other day he mentioned of bringing his younger brother Jack along with him as a birthday present for Jack, well yesterday was Jacks 75th birthday and sure enough he turned up at mine with Stan. Stan introduced us, and said this is Maxine, aint she lovely, as he slipped his hand up my denim mini skirt and laughed, Jack was no great looker either but he certainly liked the site of me in my short skirt and knee high boots, They went in the living room and I opened a bottle of wine, we all sat chatting me on the sofa with Jack sat opposite me and Stan beside me, Stan was rubbing my thigh and running his hand up too the hem of my skirt, what do you think of young Maxine then Jack, Told you she was sexy did, nt I, come and sit with us, Jack got up and sat the other side of me and he also placed his hand on my other thigh,

Stan undid his trousers and pulled his cock out, I took hold and gently stroked his cock, I turned and saw Jack getting his cock out too, I reached down and took hold of him too, gently wanking him off, they were rubbing my legs so I drapped a leg over each of theirs and their hands were all over my pussy, both slipped a finger up me

Stan asked Jack if he wanted me too suck him off, oh yes please gasped Jack, I stood up then knelt on the floor in front of Jack, I helped him out of his trousers and pants then bent down and took the head of his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his helmet, I asked himvif it was nice too which he replyed beautiful dont stop, I started too suck and wank his cock and he was groaning, Stan was now taking more pictures on his phone, Jack took hold of my head and held it tight as I sucked him, oh god I,m gonna cum, he said loudly as Stan started too say go on you filthy little slut milk him and swallow it,, I felt Jack tense then cry out as he came, strange thing was I never got a blast of sperm down my throat, but about 10 seconds later it ran out of his cock ,and was running down his cock so I took him back in my mouth and sucked and licked his cock clean, Stan wasted no time in grabbing my head and pulling it towards his stiff cock and I sucked him off while he gave his phone too jack for him too take photos, he soon erupted his load down my throat, Two loads of spunk in about a minute,, did you like that you dirty little whore, do you want us both too fuck you as well now, , I jumped up and said if you think your both up too it, I will see you in the bedroom.

We all laid on the bed and I was fucked by the pair of them, who kept swapping holes, I came several times while these two dirty old men helped themselves too my body, too finish I knelt on the floor and they stood either side of me wankinking while I carresed their balls with my fingers and my tongue Stan shot his sperm all across my face and Jack spurted his load over my tongue, I then licked them both clean.

Jack thanked me for his birthday treat and asked if he can come round again, I told him we would have too see,

They both went home, but Jack came back in the evening and we fucked again as he asked me loads of questions on what I thought of two cocks,at once, I had too admit too him that it was a turn on and it did make his brother Jack a very happy man, so I guess I will be seeing Jack again sooner or later.