Written by Ron

24 Apr 2005

Having been married for some 27 years my wife has always refused to masturbate herself in front of me, in fact she wont even hear of talk on the matter. She doesn't do it full stop. As you can imagine this has been a source of great frustration to me, as it has always been one of my big fantasises. She is a cuddly 46 year old with a lovely pair of breasts which I get to see all to often and whilst we still have a good sex life it is normally at my instigation. About a month ago we had not been sexually active prior to that for about three weeks. She had been out this evening at a meeting and I had gone to bed early having had a protracted masturbation session looking at porn on the Internet before turning in In fact I had brought myself off twice and was really spent. Anyway I was in bed dozing when she came in. She undressed and slipped into bed and cuddled into my back ready I thought for a good nights sleep. Next her left hand came over and started to fondle my balls and cock and it was clear she was wanting slipped a length, however my passion was all but spent. I eventually mustered a semi erection, slipped on a condom and mounted her. However my erection very quickly petered out and I flopped out her apologising profusely as I did so. She then lay on her back down my left hand side and I slide my hand between her slightly parted legs. I started to lightly rub her pussy with my middle & index fingers and whilst she was enjoying it, it was clear I was not quite hitting the spot. She then cupped her hand over mine and started to direct my fingers to a point where she really began to enjoy the stimulation. Shortly however I realised her frustrations were beginning to rise as her fingers were now becoming more prominent and firmer in their movement. It was then I thought to move my fingers away and leave hers in position on her pussy. Now in the past when I have tried this she has grabbed my hand and held them in position. Not this time I slowly eased my fingers away and after a few moments my wife of all these years was masturbating herself unashamedly at my side. I quietly encouraged her without being to outrageous with my comments and gently massaged her breasts. Her finger movements became more aggressive as she moved towards climax. Then without warning her back arched and she exploded in orgasm rubbing frantically at her now soaking and pulsating pussy. Her orgasm lasted for about 30 seconds and boy she did appear to need the relief. Of course by now I had a full erection and very quickly filled the condom with my third cum of the day. I doubt the situation will ever repeat itself however you never know. At least my fantasy has been fulfilled and as you can imagine I masterbate frequently, recalling the moment my wifes sexual needs finally overtook her conservative and proper demur.