Written by Colin

7 Dec 2004

Hi All!

Just read the story from Den and Sue about Sue's job looking after the elderly.

It reminded me of something which happened just a few weeks ago,let me explain,we live on a sheltered housing complex and part of my wife Tricia's evening duties are to make sure everyone is settled for the night eg.had something to eat taken their medication etc.

One day Tricia was asked if she could help one of our neigboure have a bath as he was becoming a little unsteady on his feet.

It turned out it was old Matt who lives just next door to us! Matt is 72 and is a really nice old guy,he is widowed but i think he was a bit of a lad in his day.

Anyway on the arranged evening at about 8 Tricia still wearing her dark blue nurse's style overalls said she was popping next door to see to Matt and would be back in about an hour.

I was having a beer and watching tv when about 45 minutes later Tricia returned looking very flushed and made straight for the drinks cupboard,i asked what was wrong and she said i'll tell you in a few minutes when i have had a chance to think.

This is what she told me after she had a chance to calm down,Matt had answered his door wearing his dressing gown and a big smile obviously looking forward to being washed and bathed by a sexy woman 30 years younger than himself.

After some cheeky comments about her nurse's uniform they made their way to the bathroom where the bath was allready full of soapy water,she then said lets get your gown off and get you scrubed,with that Matt turned to face her and removed his dressing gown.

Tricia allmost choked at what see saw,in front of her was the biggest penis she had ever seen ((and she's seen a few i can tell you))it was like a cucumber hanging limp between his legs,

My wife mumbled something about getting him into the bath,and with a huge grin on his face he slid into the soapy water hiding his huge member under the bubbles.

At this point i went to get us another drink as my own cock was now rock hard.

Tricia then continued to tell me that after she had washed his hair and back she moved to his feet and legs,glancing up to look at Matt his eye's were closed and his grin was even bigger.

As she progressed towards his thighs she caught sight of his stiffening cock emerge from the water,taking the bull by the horn so to speak she slowly moved her hands upwards,her left hand was now between his widening thighs which enabled her to gently cup his massive balls.

At the same time her other hand tried to encircle his now fully erect cock,he then said softly oh yes lass it's been such a long time don't stop!

Tricia started to stroke his shaft for a good 5 minutes until he started to gasp and suddenly his cum exploded high into the air.

My wife said she had to leave the bathroom at this point to compose herself and to think about what she had just done,when she returned Matt was already out of the bath and drying himself off with a towel,paying particular attention to his semi erect penis.

The randy old bugger then looked at my wife and said same time next week then darling,looking at how happy she had made him she replied we'll see if your up to it at your age you should be past all that nonsense you naughty man!

To Be Continued.