Written by Andrew

29 Dec 2005

For those of you who have been following the antics of my 50 year old, redhead. wife Melinda, and in particular her gradual transformation over recent months from innocent housewife to total slut, I am certain you’ll like this account of a recent event!

You may recall that my best mate John has fucked the slut a few times and she’s always enjoyed taking his bigger cock! The last time he was round at ours fucking the tart, she got talking about the size of his cock and how she‘d acquired a taste for larger cocks! Melinda then asked if it was true that black guys had huge dicks!

The next day John phoned me and said that he worked with a black guy and that he’d asked him Mel’s question! The guy simply said that if the “lady” wanted to know, he would prefer to show her himself! And to top it all, he apparently had a mate who could show her too!

We didn’t tell Mel, but John invited them both to our flat the next Tuesday, which was a night Mel often fucked John while I watched!

The evening came and I told Mel to male a special effort for John and dress like a real tart! She didn’t let me down! Her long, straight, red hair always made her look horny, but her very low, tit hugging top and short leather skirt, certainly made her look cheap and tarty! And to think, she had no idea what we had planned for her! For this extra special occasion, I made sure that my digital camera was to hand, to record my slut’s first blacking!

She’d drunk the best part of a bottle of red before the doorbell rang! And when it did ring, I made her answer it! Her face was an absolute picture! John was standing there, a big grin on his face, and behind him were two huge black guys! For the first time ever, my wife was speechless!

I asked them all in and we went through to the lounge, where I simply said “She’s all yours guys!”

I sat down, switched on the camera, and watched John start to kiss her! The two blacks stripped, revealing their already erect cocks..and yes, they were massive! And Mel’s only petite! The dirty little slut wasted no time at all, immediately taking a black cock in each of her hands and starting to wank them as John slipped his hand down her bra-less top! I started taking photos like there was no tomorrow, aware that my own cock was rock hard just watching my slut wife getting to know her new friends!

The two black guys started to strip Mel and virtually ripped off her tarty clothes, leaving the whore stark naked! John stripped too and even his big cock looked small next to the two huge black mambas! What a sight, my missus, naked, three huge cocks, all ready to use her! And the camera would record her slutty act for posterity!

Mel knelt in front of one of the black guys and played with his sac and cock before engorging his meat deep into her mouth! His hands were pulling on her long red hair. Her painted red lips were stretched around his cock; I thought she would choke on it! John was now sucking my girl’s tits as the other black guy slipped a couple of fingers inside her tight pussy and began finger fucking the slut! My camera was working over time! What an utter slut she had become!

I watched in amazement as her mouth swapped between the two black cocks, taking turns sucking each one. The bitch was in her element!

My mate John then turned to one of the guys and said “Fuck the dirty whore!” It was my wife he was describing, but he was right about her!

The bigger of the two guys suddenly had a beaming smile on his face! John offered him a condom, but he didn’t take it! He simply opened Mel’s legs wide and climbed between them. He held her legs over his shoulders as he slid his huge, unprotected, black cock into her tight slit!

She screamed out as he stretched her cunt, her body arching and writhing, her breathing fast and furious! He started to fuck her hard, pounding his thick black dick deeper and deeper into her, and all of the time my wife screamed out in ecstasy as she took her first blacking! Meanwhile, John and the other black guy took turns in her mouth! My camera was hot!

He fucked her for a good 15 minutes before he came, deep inside her snatch! She sensed him cumming, his muscles tightened and he pumped his spunk into my wife’s cunt! As he did, she too climaxed and begged for more like a true whore!

His mate was next! No sooner was one black cock out, the other was eased into her, soon fucking her to another frenzied orgasm! I moved closer and could see clearly the thick, black cock fucking in and out of her cunt! She was dripping with cum! With each stroke of the cock, spunk just oozed out of her cunt, dripping down the tart’s legs! I watched him cum, adding more spunk to her full cunt! The sight was awesome, buckets of sperm just oozing from her!

John fucked her next but her drenched , used cunt proved too much and he came inside her almost instantly!

She lay on the floor in front of us for sometime, naked and wet with cum! Three loads of live spunk oozing from her! What a night!