Written by Tom

26 Jan 2004

I met my wife when we were both 12, got her pregnent at 15, had a daughter now 19, and luckly, still happy. not to say i haven't strayed over the years, but never anything serious, my daughter goes to university miles away and comes home some weekends to go out with her mates, last weekend she asked if she could bring a friend over to stay for the weekend, we didn't mind, i picked them up from the train station on friday evening, my daughter did the introductions, her friends name was Zoe, she was a couple of years older than my daughter, very tall and slim, with long blonde hair, i must admit, i know shes about 14 years younger than me, but i thought she looked gorgeous, anyway, we all got talking back home, they got showered and changed and went out for the night, i heared them "fall" back into the house at about 3am. they didn't surface until noon on saturday, Zoe looked worse for wear, my daughter was fine, shes a piss head like her dad, my wife had offered to take them into town for the day to treat our daughter to some new clothes, Zoe asked if she could give it a miss, as she felt terrible, and went back to bed for a couple of hours, i didn't mind being at home as i was working on the car, i finnished about 3pm and got in the bath, i had no sooner got in the bath, when Zoe rushed in, naked, bent over the toilet throwing up, she was oblivious to me in the bath, she flushed the loo, turned around, and apologised for bursting in, she made no effort to cover herself up, she had no pubic hair, and lovely pert tits, she asked if she could clean her teeth, i wasn't going to say no, i couldn't belive my luck, i stared at her all the time she was leaning over the sink, and couldn't help getting the biggest errection, when she finnished, she turned around to leave the bathroom but her glance went straight to my bulging cock, she just smiled and asked if i wanted her to stay and keep me company, i agreed, she knelt next to the bath about afoot away from me, and told me that she had never seen a cock so big, that made me feel great, being complemented by a 21 year old, i asked if she was cold, sat on the floor naked, she said yes, and asked if she could get in the hot bath water with me, i knew the wife and daughter wouldnt be back until teatime, so said feel free, she stepped in and slowly sat down, never taking her eyes off my 9" cock, i said you are fasinated by that arn't you she smiled and reached forward to touch it she started wanking me slowly, then lent down and licked the end of my throbbing cock, i sighed, and she asked if i liked it, she sucked cock like a pro; i had to move her head as i was about to come, i stood up, and without saying a word, got out of the bath, leaned down and stuck my finger into her tight fanny, she gassped, and started to move her body i kissed her , and with the other hand rolled her errect nipple between my fingers, i asked her to step out of the bath, we towelled each other dry, and i led her to the main bedroom, i was in such a rush to get stuck up her, i got her on all fours, and slid my long length into her, within seconds she was coming, thrust her tight arse back onto me, faster and faster, i couldnt wait any longer, i exploded inside her, we fell onto the bed, neither of us saying a word, she kissed me full on, got up and went to the loo, she got back in the bath, cleaned herself, and got dressed, i did the same, about an hour later, the other two came home, nothing more was said until sunday evening, as they got ready to go back, to uni; Zoe thanked my wife, and said to us both, i look forward to seeing you both soon, Not half as much as i look forward to seeing more of her, Hopefully!