Written by Richard

15 Nov 2004

I am a bi single man,I have always said that if given the opertunity I would join a gym to look for prospective companionship if the chance arose.About a month ago I joined a local gym.I signed up for a course of exercises under the instructions of Alex,a personal fitness instructor,and began to navigate my way around the fitness suite apparatus.It was while I was in the middle of some bench presses my shoulder gave out and I was left in some distress lying on the gym floor.

Alex and his colleagues ran to my aid and arranged for me to be taken to my local doctors for examination.My doctor said that I hadn`t done too much damage,a slight strain and should rest up for a week before exercising again.He also said that a remedial massage wouldn`t do me any harm if the pain continued.

Alex was waiting to give me a lift home and I told him what the doctor had said.I had no idea where I could get a massage from as all the massage services advertised in the papers were of a dubious nature.He laughed and said he had the number of a practice he used which could help me,reaching into his bag passed me a small business card.

Two days later feeling stiff and sore I telephoned the number and booked an appointment with the receptionist.The practice was in a large Victorian house where I was shown into a large white painted therapy room to await the massuer.He arrived shortly afterwards and introduced himself as Mark and asked me what I had done to see what needed to be treated."Well lets get started"he said"you can either strip down to the waist or down to your boxers if you like it makes no difference".Choosing the latter I was then told to lay face down on the massage table whilst Mark pulled up a trolley of assorted creams and oils.During smalltalk I found he was a great friend of Alex and was glad he had put my business his way as he was just starting out having just qualified..

Working around my damaged shoulder area he carefully manipulated and massaged till I felt no pain.He finished off by applying a balm which seem to send a warm glow all over the troubled area.I flinched,he said I needed to relax whilst it took effect.He cleared away and returned to the table to check on me."You know your problem its that your too tense and until you relax the treatment will not work."I said I found the whole experience stange and hard to relax.

Mark then offered to give me a further body massage to help me relax at no extra cost seeing I knew Alex.

Working across my shoulders he gently moved down my back till he reached my boxer shorts.He asked if I would like to remove them so he didn`t get the oils on them.Slipping them off I threw them aside and Mark resumed his massage.From my back he progressed onto my buttocks where he seemed to daly before moving onto my upper thighs.He asked me to spread slightly to allow him access.Once spread,his hands worked like slow pistons between my inner thighs,maybe I was mistaken but he brushed and lingered against my balls more than once.He then carried on down to my lower legs and feet before making the return journey up my body.Once again he seemed to stop and pay a great deal of attention to my inner thighs and buttocks.Whatever he was doing was making me more relaxed by the minute,and when he touched me in an intimate way I offered no resistance.In fact I spread my legs further and lifted myself slightly to allow him reach under me and caress my cock which by now was semi erect."Time to turn over" he said.I rolled over and faced the mirrored ceiling,he chuckled that I seemed to be almost fully relaxed except for one muscle which appeared to be still tense.He began to massage my upper body,by the time he reach my cock it was standing to full attention.

Mark then asked me if I wanted him to take care of it for me.I nodded,said I was in his hands so to speak,but he had no intention in using his hands.Poising directly over my cock he lowered his head and took me into his warm mouth.Slowly he began to move his tongue around the knobend before drawing as much of my cock deep into his throat.I closed my eyes and lay back as he continued to pump up and down,his lips tightly clamped around my erection.It seemed to go on forever before he released me from the vacuum that was his mouth.

Minutes later he resumed on my cock but I became aware of a warm sticky feeling across my forearm.It seemed he had slipped out of his clothing and was now naked as me,his own erect cock brushing along my arm.I reached out and took hold of him and began to wank him,massaging his knobend with the precum that was ousing from it.We released each others cocks and he moved up the massage table.He then offered his erection to me,I lent forward and tentitively brushed my tongue across the large drop of precum which hung there.I love the taste of precum and having licked him clean moved forward to take his cock into my mouth.With small thrusts Mark began to fuck my mouth building up both the speed and depth of his movements till I almost gagged.Sensing I wasn`t comfortable he withrew and suggested we move into a position that would be benificial to us both.Mark climbed onto the table and we lay side by side in the classic 69 position.Together we fed each others cocks into our mouths and continued where we left off.I had no idea of what time past as we enjoyed each other,but all to soon with my balls aching to be releived,I shot forth a warm load of cum deep into Marks throat.His climax wasn`t far behind,I braced myself as he pumped,not once but three times into my receptive mouth.I struggled to contain the flood of his hot salty cum and some spilled from my lips as I downed the rest.Licking my lips I made sure not a drop was missed.

Mark and I dressed and thanked each other,on the way out he suggested I booked in for his "special deep rooted" treatment.When I asked how much I owed him he waived me away saying no charge for first time patients.

Later that week I ran into Alex who asked if I had seen his friend Mark.I acknowledged that I had and was booked to have one of his special deep treatments the following week.Alex smiled broadly and quipped"well if that doesn`t reach the spot nothing will".