Written by White van lady

6 Oct 2003

...Watching me being fucked and sucked were the bloke and lady from the car. 'lucky cow Ive wanted Ben to Fuck me hard like that, so where's the spare wheel?' Id forgotten about the flat tyre. I could hear my mobile in the front cabin so I grabbed a cloth from the floor of the van and jumped out the van to answer. It was my husband, who still hadnt left (thank God). I told him about the puncture and he said he would call the Van Hire and would ring me back.

I went back to tell'Ben'. Thing was he was preocuppied. The woman was sucking his limp dick and was bringing it back to life, sucking off all my come juices to wank him clean of his own. The other guy was behind her rubbing his hand up and down her gorgeous arse. She was wearing tight white hot pants. He pulled down her shorts and fingered her lily white pussy. She was so small and his fingers were so long and broad. She was thrusting her cunt back and forth along his fingers and sucking harder on Bens, now huge cock. Now I thought 'lucky cow' so I climbed into the back of the van. She stopped what she was doing. She new Ben was ready now. His huge shaft of maleness was enormous and shinning from her juicy tongue. She turned round and took her shorts off. She started sucking the other blokes fantastic black prick.

Ben pulled he tight fancy over his erection. Fuck did she smile. He started pumping from his sitting position, leaning back so he could give her more length. she stopped sucking the black cock in her mouth, she couldnt take it all at one it was too much. I dropped my makeshift top and removed my dripping wet thong. I slipped between Bens legs watching he cunt beening fucked, so tightly by this huge rod. I leant forward and started to suck her cherry nipples and then looked up at her face. She was still smiling and panting as the momet was becoming so tence. I moved up to her lips and placed my mouth onto hers licking her lips tasting myself on her. OUr tongues were dualing. The other guy was behing me. My fancy was cying, throbbing, wanting something in it just like she was having. I wanted a hard cock fucking me too. I moved down again to her tits and ringed them with my tounge and cupped the other with my hand. Ben placed his hand over mine and moved it down to the base of his cock. It was wet with flowing warmth. Ben leaned back and she leant back. I could she he clit and the lips of her cunt bulging with excitement. I licked her clit with my tongue.....god it tasted good. It was salty because of the hotness of the day and the heat of these moments. I watched Bens cock hurt her and I continued to suck and lick and rub with my fingers. The other bloke had taken his opportunity and was fingering my saturated pussy. His fingers penetrated deep into my wet warmth. Hw was hurting but I didnt want to stop. I had a womans flesh in my mouth. Never before had I found such pleasure. My tongue was simulating his cock or her fingers rubbing herself. She started to thrash as though she wanted it to stop...but she didnt. The fingers in my fancy were replaced by another firm pumping machine....I didnt care. She was about to explode and Bens Cock and my tongue were about to be showered. She screamed and shook and trembled as she climaxed. But I thought Ben would come his lot too. He was in control. She stood up rubbing her clit still. She wanted the other bloke to come in her. He took is cock out of me and she took it in her mouth again, wanking his hard. She loved cock. He pulled her off and both standing he lifted her onto his shaft, as they leaned against the wall of the van. He was strong thrusting into her and holding he cheeks wide open. Ben got up and moved over to them. His fancy juiced cock started to penetrate her tight arse. Ben was helping to hold her up. I posotioned myself right against them watching my very own hardcore movie. Got she could take it and the panting was getting faster and faster, her moans were exciting and delivering. I played with my hard clit mimicking the movement of these two huge telegraph poles rubbing each other inside her, divided only by a membrane. My arse had never been touched, what must that feel like two of them. I wanted it too. She started twitching again as another orgams delivered itself to the core of her body. She was knackered from the heat. Ben pulled out first, she slid her legs down and the other guy pulled out her fanny. They were both hard infront of me. Do I want them both they asked. What do you think. Ben sat on the deck again. He said I was wet enough but the woman produced some hand cream from her bag. I cupped by had and started ti rub it over the thickness of is helmet. This was going to be sore. I positioned myself facing bens feet and he fingered my cunt. with the same wet finger her penitrated by arse. Boy that is tight he said. I squatted about his thick shaft. Im sure I wouldnt be able to take it. The other bloke was in front of me. I felt Bens cockpushing gently on my ring. He mimicked a couple of thrusts. My arse was panging for it. I pushed a little harder each trust. I pushed down a little and he trust it inside and started to pound. I couldnt breath the pain was excruciating but my fancy was on fire with desire. So what happened next....