Written by Hull Guy

22 Jun 2006

So you think I don,t know what my wife gets up to do you?

Who do you think suggests we go to the shops and buy her some of those smart new clothes. Who searches through rack after rack of tops selecting ones that show just that little too much for the office and insists that she tries them all on. Who is it that says "Wow,thats the one" when she wears one that has what I call the wow factor. You know, the one that says look at these tits if you dare.

Who do you think picks the pencil tight skirts, the shoes and stockings and of course the underwear. Have you come across the thong that ties at the sides yet? The one that is easily undone with your teeth.

Don't you think I know that she goes to the gym more regularly than she used to? I know it's not just to get value for money form her membership but did you know that she now goes every day from work and on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Do you notice the pro rugby players that work out there on a daily basis? she does. You can't miss them, they all wear the Rugby Club's gear with the sponsors name on.

Do you notice the young student who's her personal trainer? The young guy with the six pack and bulging shorts to match

I've got to know him almost personally from the number of times she says his name and things he says he gets up to when he out. It turns her on so much hearing his exploits. She always said she wished she was thirty years younger and she'd show him what a woman likes. It took me ages to convince her that her age was no barrier and that a young man will jump at the chance to fuck an older woman who'd teach him far more. Of course she told me that he'd got far more chatty and now touched her when showing her an exercise.

Bet you didn't know that I'd bugged her bedroom and listened to her rubbing herself on the bed and coming over and over again. You can't mistake the heavy breathing or the different names she says as she cums. That makes me shoot my load every time.

Bet you didn't know that you can read deleted texts with a SIM reader. Of course I know she had cocks in every hole at once. She said on one text that could he bring his mates again. I don't know how many of his mates she was referring to though.

I've discovered where she goes to after the gym sometimes. The deleted texts told me where she meets. I've often hidden in the trees and watched her suck him off and ride his huge hard cock.I've not seen her with two or more yet though.

I know her boss has fucked her and spent a few nights with her whilst at conferences and trips to other branches. I found the open packet of condoms a couple of years ago. She's stopped buying them now though. Much prefers bareback and the feel of hot cum. I must say, I prefer that too. It's far better to lick her cunt soaked with fresh cum or push my cock into her cum filled hole.

I know my wife far more than you think I do so if YOU want to know more, you contact me.