Written by HornyCouple

20 May 2006

The other Sunday afternoon my wife Julie and I went for a walk at a local beauty spot after having a pub lunch. Julie wasn’t really dressed for walking so we stuck to the path around the lake. My wife is an attractive blonde in her 40’s and she was wearing a black jacket and top, black and white check skirt, black tights and black shoes, which had a bit of a heel. After a while I became aware that someone was walking behind us. I looked around and saw a guy of about 35. He smiled at me and then he walked past us and continued ahead. I thought nothing of it and then a couple of minutes later he stopped and we overtook him. Again he smiled as we passed him. This happened a few times and then I realized he was doing it on purpose. I remembered that this area had a reputation for dogging activities but that was at night not during the day in broad daylight.

I told Julie what I suspected and I don’t know if it was the drink she’d had but she was quite flattered saying that he was an attractive guy, and if she was younger………etc. I suddenly became very horny knowing that this guy must think that my wife is easily available and I had a sudden urge to see my respectable, happily married spouse being used like a dirty slut by a complete stranger.

I told Julie that she didn’t need to be younger and that our friend fancied the pants off her just the way she was. She didn’t believe me so I said let’s go off the path into the woods and I’ll prove it. Julie moaned about her heels sinking into the ground but she followed me anyway. We headed into a quite dense area and at first I thought I had made a wrong assumption, but then I saw the guy heading our way. He was looking all around but then he saw us and came right over to us. He asked us if we wanted to ”play”. Taking our lack of response to be a yes he pulled down his zip and took out his already hardening cock.

This totally surreal situation became more so as he got Julie to crouch down in front of him before feeding his thick cock between my wife’s lips and down her throat. Julie soon got down to business though and began sucking his cock like a real slapper. He was groaning and moaning as Julie really is an expert cocksucker. And I had never felt so horny in my life and I was doing nothing but watching!! The guy then cupped the back of my wife’s head and began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, balls deep on each thrust. I thought he was going to cum in her mouth, but then he pulled out and told Julie to get up and turn around and brace herself against one of the large trees. My wife was flushed with excitement and she pulled he skirt up over her hips before pressing against a tree, spreading her legs and pushing her arse up in the air. The bloke hooked his fingers into the waistband of Julie’s black tights and pulled them down far enough to give him access to my wife’s thong covered pussy, although he preferred the word cunt. His thick cock was just sticking out of the front of his jeans and he just grabbed Julie’s thong and pulled it to one side so he could ease his cock into her wet cunt from behind. My wife yelled with pleasure as he embedded his cock up her to the hilt. Soon he was pounding away fucking Julie hard and fast, gripping her fleshy arse and calling her a dirty slutwife, slapper and cocksucker. This made Julie and me also, I don’t know why, even hotter!!

Julie orgasmed 3 times before the man finally emptied his massive load of thick, hot spunk deep inside my wife’s dripping cunt. We didn’t even get his name but as he left he thanked us and gave us his mobile number. He said to go there one of the evenings and that as I had enjoyed watching that so much then I might enjoy watching my wife being Gangbanged as the other guys who go there would definitely be up for group action with such an attractive hot wife. That experience was so hot that we are tempted but have not been back yet. What do you think should we try it?

My wife had her dessert at the pub………….I had mine when we got home and it was a pie filled with thick double-whipped cream!!!