Written by jimilicker

19 Jun 2007

When my friends next door had a retirement party I did not expect to enjoy such a hedonistic night of sex. Joe was retiring at 55 and had been asking me to the party and I accepted without hesitation. His wife (Renee) knew I was a cross dresser as we had talked about our sexual preferences during a drunken night out a few years ago.

Joe was an avid gardener and I noticed him wandering around the garden in his speedos. Although he was in his mid-fifties he had a good body but I couldn't help noticing that he had a fantastic ridge in his speedos where his cock snugly ran parallel to his body. I invited him over to my place one afternoon because he had noticed some of my undies being dried and had told me that Renee had told him of my preference for cross dressing. He said he found it erotic so I grabbed my best chiffon baby doll and glammed up for him.

I was a bit nervous about showing him my finery but I needn't have worried. He rolled his hands over my bum and I felt the tops of his big thighs and eventually made my way to his cock which was straining at his trousers as it throbbed away. I unzipped him slowly and pulled his tight pants away from his body. His hard cock spasmed out from the elastic. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen and his balls were tight and hard. I spent a minute or so admiring it and my desire to eat it was overwhelming. I took it into my mouth and my lips stretched as he started a slow rythmn. I gagged with the size but got used to the large tool as Joe increased his pump action. I wanted his spunk in my mouth but also wanted to see if he has a heavy cummer so decided to take the initial load in my mouth but then to empty him onto my face and chest. When he came it was a torrent of spunk. The sperm shot from the side of my mouth and there was no way I could contain that lot even if I had tried. He seemed to come in waves as I pumped his shaft in my slippery hand. The juice ran over my chest and dripped onto my thong and stockings.

Joe spent time recovering while I lubed myself because I was not missing this opportunity to have his cock at least part way up my arse. Joe got hard again and was very gentle in his probings and he gasped at the tightness of my hole. He got a good ryhtmn going and we were both breathing heavily as he rode me doggy at the side of my bed. I could feel the veins in his cock throb as he approached another climax and when he came his helmet expanded so much that I yelled loudly and he told me this spurred him on even more. He physically lifted me off the bed and pulled me so far onto his cock that I thought I was going to explode. He came heavily again and I received a full load again. What a lucky boy I am.

Well, now Joe has reached retirement we call our first session his first retirement party. He has had me in various locations since and I dream of his cock. I am buying new outfits for him because I want to ensure he gets a full hard-on for our sessions. Happy retirement Joe!