Written by Eddie G

2 Aug 2011

I always played darts on Thursday Evening with my old footy mates, more a tradition than pastime, anyway I was not feeling well, maybe the beer was a bit off or something so I walked home instead of waiting for the wife to come and pick me up, getting to the house my so called mates van was there,so I crept into the house very quietly, I knew from the noise, my worse suspicions were true, and from the part opened bedroom door here was my naked wife sucking the cock off my mate, something she would never do for me, I crept down stairs, and left the house, to say I was confused is an understatement.

I decided to und to my mates house and confront him with his wife Gladys hearing all when he came home, Gladys works for me on a commission basis, so knows me well.

Gladys opened the door, and she knew there was something wrong straight away, so I told her what my wife and my so called mate was getting up to, including the blowjob I never ever had.

To my suprise Gladys said well if he is fucking your wife - I better start fucking you, she took my hand and upstairs we went, Gladys said well lets start with the blowjob, I never till then knew what I had been missing.

We both agreed to play it quiet till the next day and talk about it at work, I walked back to the pub and rang my wife to pick me up earlier than expected, I said you took your time to answer the phone - I was on the loo she said - more likely getting rid of the smell and tell tale signs, I thought.

Gladys and I sat down and went through everything, Gladys decided with no remorse that we would not only get our own back on them both, but have a no holds bar, the door red sexual arrangement, it would not be love but lust and paying back the cheaters.

We would meet up most days for a two hour lunch break,come all in sex session, with both our cars locked in the warehouse and all doors locked, we at first used the packing materials as our bed, till I managed to rent the upper floor adjacent to our office, where I knocked a door through and made a proper bedroom with bath and shower, the doorway was hidden behind a bookcase on wheels.

Gladys was fantastic in bed, she showed me what she liked and how she wanted me to work around her G spot - her magic spot she called it, the first time she had a big ejectulation was amazing,I was covered with her spunk as she just spurted out, I did no more than move my tongue to her very wet cunt and lick her juices, what was also great was that Gladys periods never stopped our sessions, on her off days, it was anal, and blowjobs, and I always came twice, up to then I had never had the chance to ever fuck an arse before, but Gladys seemed to know how to grip my cock up her arse as she did her cunt muscles, and then I had her breasts to play with, suck those big nipples and get a tit fuck when I wanted it, I also loved the way that Gladys would always offer a hand job if things were quiet, or sometimes she would just call in to the office and say right give me a good fucking, I have had a shit day, fucking brilliant.

I will tell you all more when I get to write part two, plus how Gladys paid them both back, and I finshed up with Gladys and her Cousin