Written by Rob and ann

20 Apr 2004

My wife and i had heard about dogging and had looked up the internet to find our local site,not to near to be recognised but only 20 minutes onthe motorway,she,s tall,leggy and into knee boots and nylon,a slim size ten with great firm tits and a fleshy pussy,she dressed to impress and looked the part in her mini skirt,dark brown tights and long black suede boots,we pulled up at rivington at about 8.30 and sat ther looking around all alone,we were as nervous as you could imagine with that feeling in your stomach,it felt strange to be outside expecting to be seen when all our previous outdoor sex was done in the hope of not being seen,any way we thought we would get things going whilst nobody else was about and my wife unzipped me and took my bending semi in her soft warm mouth and sucked my bell end i lay back and calmed down a bit and i could tell from the blowjob i was getting that my wife was settling down as well,as the night drew in,cars cruised past us but did not stop near to us and seemed to park away on thier own,were these doggers? should we move our car towards them?,i reached down and rubbed her pussy through her pantyhoes and could feel the damp heat on my fingers,she kept on sucking my rockhard cock as a mondeo estate pulled up near to us and the driver cautiously got out and moved towards us,the feeling i had was of intense excitement and nerves ,i told my wife there was someone coming and she increased her speed working my cock,i,d not shot my load for over a week and my balls were heavy so i slowed her down ,we both glanced out of the window to see this guy in his 30,s i guess wanking his length as he looked at her legs and mini,shall we go for it i said and she wound her seat back pulled up her skirt to reveal her nylon covered g-string,i tore open her tights and put my finger into her cunt which was sticky and warm,i bungled into her footwell and dropped my jeans,slipping into that pussy was easy and i began to pump away,she was well gone and totally relaxed,we then moved into the back seat and i got her on her back where i really got stuck into her,our watcher moved around the car to get the best angles and he stuck to all the unwritten rules like a gent.just then a car came racing up the track with main beam blazing sending our friend scurrying and making us duck for cover.the moment was lost and we had to gather ourselves,we sat in the front seats and looked around,the mondeo estate was ther but we couldnt see our watcher,my wife played with my sloppy cock till it was hard again and as if by magic he popped up next to the car,he tapped on the window and a conversation was srtuck up,he put her at ease and to cut a long story short he asked if he could slip her one,i looked at my wife as it is my alltime fantasy to see her being screwed she calmly handed him a jonny and said you,ll have to put this on first,as if that would deter him,she told him to sit in the passenger seat next to me and she got out whilst he got in,he dropped his pants and put the rubber on and i guess he was nudging 8 inches ,at least 2 inches bigger than mine so it would be my wifes biggest and a double fantasy of mine ,she hitched her skirt up and straddled him taking all is cock in one easy move,she then humped him for ten fantastic,exciting minutes before he shot his load into the bag,his hands had been all over her tits and arse and he had used my wife in front of me ,we all tidied up and exchanged numbers and heading off into the night,when we got home i fucked her slack cunt till i shot a thick wad up her sloppy snatch,it was now 1 in the morning and we were knackered,very enjoyable and well worth a night away from the usual friday pub scene